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For us, keeping a positive mindset is crucial for achieving a successful life. If you don’t dream big and don’t believe you can do it then chances are you won’t. Every successful woman we’ve met has had one thing in common, their belief in the Universe and what it holds for them.

You might have seen our newsletter this week, where we talked about the secret way of thinking that all successful women share, it might have been an eye opener for you, now’s your chance to put that plan into motion.

So, do you want to open your eyes and see the world like you never have before? Because here are our tips to help you do exactly that:


Don’t Look Inside The Box, Instead, Think Outside Of It


A sheet of paper isn’t just to be written on, it can be used for so much more. You don’t limit it to do one thing just because it has one famous primary use.

That same sheet of paper can be turned into a paper airplane and fly all across the room. It can also be made into a fan you can use to cool yourself down on a hot day.

Thinking inside the box would only to use it note things down, to think outside the box means you’re being innovative with what you can actually do with it.

And whilst this can be a somewhat tricky thing to do with other things in your life, it should be something you definitely practice. Thinking outside the box will help you excel in your career and even allow you to look at the world and yourself differently.


Relate Everything To The Bigger Picture


For example, you got fired from your job, which isn’t the happiest moment in your life. So, what are you going to do? Sit at home until the end of time or are you going to see this as an opportunity.

For everything that happens you need to perceive it differently. Stop seeing it as a closed door, but more of an open window. See every negative thing as a blessing in disguise and your whole attitude will change.

Whether or not it’s true, I see these events as messages from fate that I should be challenging myself and not allow myself to get too comfortable. Fate comes in a shakes things up, and says ‘you know what? You can do it better.’


SEE The Beauty Around You


Life can go by pretty quickly. Weeks fly by, seasons change and all of a sudden it’s a new year once again.

But just stop. Slow it all down. Notice time going fast around you but don’t partake. Be still and take it all in. And you’ll be surprised at what you see. Because once you look, it’s very easy to see the beauty everywhere.

Start questioning and look for deeper meanings. Take a tree, for example, it’s not just a tree, but a source of life. It’s perfectly and intricately designed with so much detail. And to me, that one thing is so beautiful, so thought of and special.

By noticing the beauty around you and taking the time to enjoy you it, you’ll feel a lot more fuller and happier.


Notice How Everything’s Connected


Have you ever noticed how small the world is after all? Sometimes it creeps up on you – like someone you meet randomly in Spain used to be best friends with your cousin, or how you see a friend you met ten years ago randomly at a restaurant halfway around the world.

Everything in life is perfectly timed and perfectly connected. Nothing just happens by accident. We are all connected to each other in ways we never even imagined possible. And that is truly magnificent.

By realizing this you’ll notice even more that things just don’t happen by accident. And all of a sudden your life becomes more special, more valuable. You’ll then begin to notice that every action you do matters and affects somebody else.


Remember, Others Are Human Just Like You


I’m a major people watcher, which over the years has helped me be able to read people really easily. So, I’ve always been able to sympathize and understand others.

You need to connect people to their lives. Think about them, where are they going? Who do they love? How was their day?

They are human beings just like you, who make silly mistakes and wrong decisions and live to love.

In order to see the world differently, you need to look at other people differently and notice that they aren’t so different from you after all.


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