6 Things That Happen When Monday Is Your Favorite Day

photo: Danielle Bernstein


Mondays generally get a bad rap, how many memes have you seen this week about the existential dread that Monday brings forth. But for career girls like us, Mondays can be the one day where good things happen. We know there are babes out there just like us who don’t dread Monday. You know when you jump out of bed in the morning like “Yas! It’s a brand new week!”, you’ve got a good job and a great mindset.

So here’s to the girls who keep a positive outlook and can appreciate the beauty of a Monday morning!

1. You’re excited to see your work BFFL

After a hard week or a full weekend, Mondays are a chance to begin again. It’s not just a chance to get your goals in order, but a chance to see your work bestie, catch them up on the weekend and get sh*t done together. The best workplaces have serious team goals, and you can’t wait to get back in with yours.

2. You’ve got your fresh stationery

When you’re ready for a fresh start, you’re probably excited to start a fresh page in that great notebook of yours. I know I am. Whether I’ve gone out and got myself a new one, or I’m just loving my current one, there is seriously nothing better than knowing you’ve got a fresh, clean notebook in your bag and a to-do list to smash. At the moment I am in love with this Girl Genius notebook from Nordstrom. It just gives me a fresh boost of ‘I can do this!’ every time I look at it.

3. You’ve only got positive vibes

How you approach Mondays are essentially how you would approach the entire week. Forget those negative memes, you’ve got the mindset of a go-getter, which means you’ve probably started your to-do list on Friday or Sunday because you’re ready to go! Your spirits are high and you’ve started the day with good music, a nice breakfast, and a great outfit.

4. You’re ready to get your life together

Mondays are a great way to start the week with the tasks that you’ve been wanting to finish but had never gotten around to. For some reason, when you love Monday you’re ready to get your life together. Which means you’re probably back on your diet, making plans for your blog, creating a shopping list and thinking you are seriously on top of everything. At least for now, anyway. Wait ’til Friday and you’re back on the fries again.

5. Nothing stands in your way 

I don’t know about you but when Monday rolls around, there isn’t a thing for me to complain about. For example, the commute is so much easier for me than for my friends who hate Mondays. I just sail by, smiling, reading the news, thinking about my to-dos. Even if it’s hot, sweaty, and crowded, I don’t mind.

6. You don’t get the negativity 

It’s hard to relate to your friends when they hate their job (and hate the week!), and although you can appreciate the memes and the funny jokes about Monday (and let’s be honest nobody loves waking up in the morning!) you don’t really get them. You’re a career girl and you love life. Whether you’re excited to work on your goals after work or loving your 9-5, you know that mindset makes your life so much easier!




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Carissa Morais

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