How To Make New Friends During Quarantine


How do you make friends as an adult? Sometimes you just want to expand your network, make new friends, or give your social life a boost. They say it becomes harder to meet new people as an adult and your circle might become smaller and the lockdown that we still have in most countries is also not really helping either, so how do you make new friends as an adult?

1. What kind of friend are you?

First things first, make sure you know what you value in friendships. What do you bring to the friendship? What type of people do you like to hang out with and what kind of friend are you? Before you think about meeting new people and growing new friendships, think about what you can bring to the table. Being part of a nice, supportive group around you should be the goal and remember this rule of thumb: Quality over quantity.


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2. Download some apps to help

Just like you can find your future SO on dating apps, there are tons of apps out there to make new friends as well. The most used apps for this are probably Bumble BFF, Hey! VINA (which shows you people based on your personal interests) and Yubo.

Most of the people you match with you won’t meet up with so if you have the possibility to take your first friendship date offline, do it. Go for a social distancing walk, picnic, or bike ride. If you are more of an introvert this could be a good way to take the first steps into expanding your social circle.

3. Try Facebook groups

Our generation is lucky to have social media networks that we can use to meet and talk to new people. Try to find a group for your interests, whether it is home DIY or planning and organizing. P.S you can join our Facebook group here to meet new people! 

4. Organize some small gatherings

Again, social distancing rules taken into account, organize a small gathering in the park or wherever is allowed, invite 2 of your friends as ask them to bring 2 of their friends. Trying to expand your network using your current network is probably an easier way to meet new people and since you already know your friends it is very likely that you will like the people they hang out with as well.

Once we are allowed again to meet with more people at the same time you can do this more often (or even organize a house party) where you invite more of your friends and they can all bring 2 of their friends. It is a great way for a group of people to expand their social circle and build new friendships.

5. Say yes more often

It is really easy to stay inside your comfort zone and bubble but that is not where the magic happens. Try to say yes more often to social activities, virtual after-work drinks, online pub quizzes, spontaneous days/nights out, or anything else people might invite you too.

Also, set yourself a goal whenever you go out to talk to at least 2 new people. Even if it doesn’t turn out in a friendship it will help you to be more comfortable with networking and meet new potential friends. Like with any other goal you might have in life, it starts with you taking the first step and going out of your comfort zone.


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