3 Genius Ways To Make Extra Money Before Christmas

We are constantly being reminded that Christmas is on its way. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, because it’s only October. Whether you’re an elf-in-training or a bit of a Grinch, Christmas is coming, and the best thing you can do is save. I’ve been wondering how to make money before Christmas, but just so I have extra to play with. So I can buy the big real tree, and treat my family and friends. It seems a bit over-the-top though, especially when you’re working on a Christmas budget.

But what if there was a way to actually make a little bit of money before the holidays crept up on you?

1. Teach others what you know

If you’ve got a particular skill that you think people might want to learn, then why not try teaching. You can even use an online platform like Skillshare to teach. Film your thirty to forty minute ‘lessons’ and share them. You can create a channel where you’ll post your lessons so that more online students can access them and follow you. There is even a way for your students to test out what they’ve learned by completing ‘class projects’. For each student who takes your class, you’ll earn revenue, and can end up making a fair bit of money every year.

What’s the point in having skills if you can’t share them with others?

2. Get crafty on the weekends

If you’re a lover of all things crafty why not try to make a little money from it? Sell your creations online on Etsy. Get out your crafts box and make some simple but cute greeting cards, illustrations, or whatever other handmade items you fancy.

You can begin by making small quantities of whatever it is you want to sell, make sure to use social media to your advantage and get people to see what you’ve made; set up an Instagram page or share a post on Facebook.

Keep in mind that although you’ll want to make up the cost of making the product, you don’t want to overcharge, especially if you are just starting out. Good luck!

3. Do something freelance 

I always find that people want skills around Christmas. Whether you’re a writer, can edit photos, or just want to share your skills, this is the perfect time to freelance. You can even turn a skill like writing into a Christmas gift by writing personalized poems and selling them as ‘gifts’. It’s all about personalization at the end of the year, so think outside the box with the skills you have.

Offer your skills to local businesses, or sign up for a service like People Per Hour! You can make quite a bit of extra cash just using what you know to assist other people, and if you put all that money in a separate account you’ll have some separate Christmas money to spend however you please (on yourself!) in no time.

Have you got any genius tips to make a little extra money? Share them with us in the comments below…



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