How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend Right Now!


No matter how much you love your job, you still want to make the most of your weekend. No one really wants to spend it in bed, catching up on their housework or sending last minute emails to their boss. Weekends are supposed to be fun after all! But sometimes, when the work week gets on top of us we tend to lose our weekend. So, if you want to go to bed Sunday night feeling relaxed, productive and totally recharged for Monday we’ll show you what to do! Check out how you can make the weekend seem longer than it actually is with these five tips:

1. Take care of the housework in the week instead

I know it’s hard, coming in from work the last thing I feel like doing is tonnes of washing, cleaning and on top of it all, cooking. But that’s just a state of mind. As soon as you come in from work spend an hour maximum on the chores you would usually put off. And you will see your Saturdays instantly free up. If you do it as soon as you come home and not sit down first, your energy will be much higher and you’ll be able to get it done without putting it off. That way when Saturday comes, you’ll have time for one thing and one thing only; you.

2. Plan ahead

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s creating to-do lists and planning out my days. If I don’t do this I tend to just sit around and do nothing. I’m so organized in my work-life that I treat my personal life exactly the same. If I don’t do something I know it will have negative consequences, which gives me more of an incentive to get sh*t done. And planning your time on the weekend will really help you make the most of it.

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3. Tune out from work

Some of us have really demanding jobs, so turning our phones off for the whole weekend is just a no-go! But, instead just schedule in that time where you can check your work emails and save it for this time only. I would recommend looking at your emails first thing in the morning and checking once more late afternoon. That way you’re keeping your boss happy and still having the time to relax from work rather than obsessing over it.

4. Let your hair down on Friday

Ok, so going out on a Friday night with the girls after a long week of work is something you deserve. There’s nothing wrong with going out and letting your hair down, especially when you’ve been working so hard. But if you are to go out just make sure you’re not spending the whole weekend recovering from your one night of fun. I know it’s not easy, especially as our hangovers get worse as we get older but I always work out the next day and instantly feel better. Get out of bed and power on through! Even if it’s working on a project you’ve been dying to start.

5. Skip town

Saturday is the only day of the week when you can sleep in late, then go to bed without expecting your alarm to sound in the morning. So, seeing as we really only have one day you need to make sure you make the most of it. Do things you couldn’t do at any other time. Plan outings to go out of town, book a B&B and hop on a train. Do it now! You don’t need to be back until Sunday evening! Visit a friend out of town, go high street shopping at the seaside. This will make your weekend more memorable! And if you plan in advance, it gives you something to look forward to throughout the week.


What are you going to do to make the most of this weekend? Let us know in the comments below…



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