How To Make Your Daily Planner More Interesting

Wondering how to make your daily planner interesting? Writing in a daily planner will not only make you more productive, but it will also help you organize your life and stay on track when things get busy.

Our range of daily planners contain space for both your to-dos and notes and a section for tracking your self-care. Choose your favourite, and write in it daily to stay on top of all your to-dos, goals, and notes while making sure you take care of yourself.

So, how do you make sure your daily planner is motivating, inspiring, and fresh every single day? Your daily planner should include the most important information, but you can also use it to log a whole host of other things. In fact, the possibilities are endless.

You can add to your planner however you’d like, in fact, the more creative you can be the better. You’re more likely to remember information and stay on track if you’ve taken the time to add something different to your daily spread. Also learn how to trick your brain and prime your mind here.

From photos to quote cards, colors to stickers, get creative with your planner and take some inspiration from these ideas:

1. Add a motivational quote

Is there anything more motivating than an inspiring quote? As you go about your daily plan, remind yourself with a quote of the day.

You can print this out and stick it in your planner so that when you open it, you’ve got a reminder to keep going and smash your goals.

Of course, the Getting Stuff Done planner allows you to start the day off with a quote of the day, which you should if you want to set the tone for the day.

But by including colorful and motivating quotes that speak to you, you’ll have something visual to remind you of your mood for the day and keep you on track. 

2. Add self-care rituals

You can choose to make your daily plan all about you. By writing your rituals for the day in the daily planner, and creating a list of things you’ll do as soon as you wake up for example, or making a list of rituals you need to include every single day.

The beauty of this is that you can track your performance on the right-hand side by ticking off your water intake, exercise, and the meals you’ve eaten.

Setting your intentions for the day and making a list of the things you’d like to do for yourself will remind you to take time out for yourself.


Getting Stuff Done Planner


Constellation Daily Planner


Gold-Dust Daily Planner


3. Create your own system

Maybe you’ve found that you need a system to get stuff done. Draw out a table or use checkboxes to make sure you’re only focusing on the important things.

Because it’s easy to get overwhelmed with to-dos, funnel all your to-dos down into only the essential items you need to get done that day and add them to your page in a striking way.

Therefore, you can use the rest of the page to remind you of other things, add post-it notes for reminders, and have a system that works for you. If you struggle to stay productive, try a few different to-do list techniques and use your daily planner to execute them.

You’ll find one that suits you and helps you smash the day.


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