How To Make Your Own Planner And Kick Procrastination In The Butt


Here at CGD we go a little wild for organisation every now and again, we’re all super busy girls and constantly need motivation to keep ourselves organised and scheduled. We’ve had a look at the best apps, to-do lists and planners, but nothing works like having your own impeccably laid out diary. Here’s how to make your own planner and finally defeat the procrastination monster!

To make your own planner you will need:

Highlighters (any colours you like)
Washi tape
A variety of pens and pencils
Any paper bits you’d like to use (I cut bits out of magazines and stick weekly planners and printables in mine)
A stamp set (A Beautiful Mess has a great range of stamps and stationery)
A diary, planner, journal or notebook.

There are hundreds of videos on ‘glam planning’ on YouTube to get you inspired and motivated. Check out this introduction to Glam Planning by VasseurBeauty:

Separate your planner into sections, the first few pages will be for any habits you want to pick up or year goals you’ve got in mind. Each page should have a week at the top, and be separated with washi tape so you have things you need to do on the left-hand side of the page and any goals on the right-hand side. Use highlighters to underline items of importance, and stickers to keep yourself coming back to the page.

All the CGD girls are big fans of creating a planner, it’s great for visual learners and gives you a reason to check in with your tasks and keep putting stickers everywhere. At the back of my planner I have a recipe section, where I stick clipped recipes from magazines, a media section where I list films, TV programmes, blogs and books, and a budget section where I track my financial goals.

Use pencil to begin with, you don’t want any ugly scribbles ruining your page. Don’t worry if some tasks carry over a few weeks, when you finally cross them off it’ll feel amazing.
Keep track of any rewards you promise yourself with stickers. You can even make a ‘tab’ with string and beads and sellotape it to the spine of your book so you’ll never lose the page you’re on.

Are you inspired to start getting crafty and glamming up your planner? Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been searching for the perfect planner for so long know that I’m about to do my own and print it. I’ve seen several beautiful ones but not quite what I need right now. Thank you for the lovely post :)

  2. Love planners and being organized! Thanks for sharing. I recently bought a MayBook! I’ll be posting about it soon. Be sure to check it out.

    Mandie from

  3. I’m currently building My very own planner ^_^! I just love stationery and I’ve always wanted to design My own… So, maybe sooner than I expected!!!!

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

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