4 Ways To Tell If Your Fitness Routine Is Working


Wondering how to make your workout pay off? We all want super fast results, and when we don’t see them, it can be hard to stick at it. But trust us, it’s not all about seeing the results you want an hour after you’ve done a run. Change your mindset about the kind of results you want and use these four ways to tell if your fitness routine is working without getting frustrated that you aren’t seeing anything dramatic happening!

The biggest change will be in how you feel!

1. Make your goals visible

Setting out what you want to achieve keeps you on track as you have a goal! Maybe you wanna drop a dress size, maybe you’re training for an event or maybe you just wanna get healthier! Whatever it is that’s getting you into the gym, setting yourself a goal will let you monitor your routine and make it easier to see if you’re actually getting results. The last person we want to let down is ourselves. So set out your goals, and watch yourself get results!

2. Keep a diary

Keeping a diary of what you’re doing and when you’re doing it is perfect to make sure you’re on the path to achieving your goals! This way you can see your improvement. Right now you might be doing 20 squats in your workout, but in three weeks you could be on 50! Watching yourself improve is also great motivation – you are your own role model! Watching your own fitness journey grow is great to build your confidence. You’re basically an Instagram fitness guru.

3. Take progress pics

On that note – Social media is a perfect way to watch your progress! You could post your own workout videos or your personal fitness journey. Being able to see images of your positive growth is the best way to see your progress, and also to inspire others! If you don’t wanna share too much though keep them for yourself and remember Instagram is still the perfect place to get new fitness ideas and inspiration! There are some gorgeous fitness pages out there that are bound to keep you on track.

4. You might not see it, but you’ll definitely feel it

Is your current routine leaving you tired, hungry and grumpy? Don’t push yourself too hard! Following a hard fitness routine and seeing no results could be your body telling you whatever you’re doing might not be right for you and it’s time to switch up your routine. Respect your body girl! You will feel the changes before you see them, running for the bus without running out of breath? Win! Doing three push-ups in a row? Double win!

Starting a new fitness routine can seem daunting, but don’t ever think you can’t achieve something! Make a few changes here or there and you’ll see your exercise routine, as well as your confidence, improve and get you on the path to fitness guru!



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