Money Matters: How To Manage Your Money The Right Way In 2020


2020 is here, if you’re wondering how to manage money effectively, you’ve come to the right place. This year, you need to save, invest, and learn how to cut your spending to be truly money savvy by the time 2021 comes around.

There are so many benefits to being frugal, not just that you’ll have a rainy day fund in case anything ever happens, but that you’ll learn skills to help your money make money in the future! The whole reason we created the Give Yourself Credit journal was to empower women to take control of their finances, own their debts and learn how to stay in control of everything.


The first step is making a plan, which means you need to get an overall picture of your financial situation at the moment. Some people dread checking their credit score or receiving a letter from the credit card company. This mindset needs to be banished from your life.

Good money management starts with a plan. It can be so time-consuming to set one up yourself, writing down all your bills, spending categories, debts and going through your bank statement with a pen. That’s why the Give Yourself Credit journal is the important first step you need to take.

After Christmas, your finances are probably feeling a little raw, which is why you need to get on top of them now. Use the plan we created for you to take control of your money.


We all do it, we set a budget for ourselves and then we find ourselves going over it. Ordering lunch when it’s raining, grabbing a coffee because you don’t want to use the office coffee machine – all these little things add up, big time.

You’ll never be able to save for the things you really want and give yourself financial peace of mind unless you stick to the budget you actually set yourself. So you aren’t allowed to go over your daily budget, even a little bit. When you’re thinking about how to manage your money effectively, this is absolutely the first step.

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When you fill in the money tracking pages in the Give Yourself Credit journal you might really be surprised. Often, you’ll discover you’re living above your means, spending too much on utilities or leisure.

This is the best way to cut back, understand your expenses and see where your money actually goes every month. It’s an empowering feeling!


Fear of debt will hold you back. 80% of Americans have debt, and yet we act like it’s a taboo and are afraid/ashamed to admit it. Instead of taking that approach, own it and destroy it.

Get it under control and work on getting rid of it. You can pay the minimum every month, or you can put yourself on a tight budget and pay a little more so that your debts are paid off faster!


Learning how to manage money effectively is also about making money. If you’re thinking that you’ll never pay off your debts or be able to live under a budget, that’s probably because you’ve been living with the mentality that your primary income is your only source of money. You can make more, you don’t have to wait for permission to do it.

Most rich people have multiple income streams. You can sell a skill, start a small store, create digital goods or consult others. There are so many ways you can make money to help you clear debts and budget better.


From using the 50/20/30 rule to setting up a pension and learning to invest, the Give Yourself Credit journal contains practical tips and advice, plus monthly exercises for 12 months of money tracking and management so that by the time next year rolls around, you’ll be in total control of your finances!


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