3 Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Want to know how to stay calm, empty your mind, and manage stress no matter what the day throws at you? The Stress Less Journal might just be what you need.

We designed the Stress Less journal to be a genuine help when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. With expert tips and psychological exercises designed to help you retrain your brain, the Stress Less Journal can help you achieve a sense of balance.

Here’s how to use the Stress Less Journal to manage stress and focus on the positives…

1. Learn to identify your stress triggers

Each chapter of the Stress Less focuses on a different area, from building better routines to identifying unhelpful thoughts, and while they all differ, they all contain journal pages and weekly wellness charts to help you truly understand your mind and learn that your thoughts do not control the world around you.

The journal prompts in the Stress Less give you space to focus on your worries and unhelpful thoughts, releasing them from your mind and putting them on the page instead, however, once you’ve done that it’s important to fill in the second prompt and think of healthier ways to frame your thoughts.

2.  Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

The Stress Less journal uses cognitive behavioural therapy throughout. CBT is a therapeutic technique that gives you the tools to reduce stress yourself. Whether it’s a presentation, performance review, exam, or just general work stress.

The idea of CBT is that you replace unhelpful thoughts with helpful ones. Your thoughts influence your actions, so with CBT you can spend some time reworking thoughts and figuring out how to approach situations in a different way. We often get trapped in scenarios, if we always respond to certain scenarios in one way, CBT encourages us to think about another way to respond to situations.

3. Build the perfect routine

Once you’ve identified your triggers and worked through some breathing and thought-pattern exercises, it’s really important to look at your daily routine. An unhealthy daily routine might feel comfortable and comforting but could be contributing to negative thought patterns and feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s important to slowly implement good habits and work on building a positive daily routine for yourself.

The Stress Less Journal encourages you to write down positive daily habits you want to adopt and check off every day you remember to keep up with them, helping you to build a better daily routine overall. From mindfulness exercises, to space to plan your morning routine, tools to help you rewire your thoughts, tons of insightful info plus CBT reflections to assist you as you learn to take control of your feelings. This is the ideal tool to help you build the calmer, more fulfilling life you want.


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