Money Management: 3 Tips for Mastering Your Finances

Wondering how to manage your money? With a finance journal, budgeting is easier than you think. Building a properly informed budget can help you save better, spend better, and even earn more in the long term.

With the Give Yourself Credit finance journal, building a budget, managing your finances and planning your savings is so easy it’s a joy to do.

Here’s how to manage your money with the Give Yourself Credit Journal…

1. Write out your monthly budget

The first thing to do in your finance journal is open up your bank statement. In the first pages of the Give Yourself Credit Journal you’ll find your full monthly budget with space for your income and expected outgoings.

This simple two page spread has space for everything, and allows you to track your spending in every category from entertainment to health. This way you can get a realistic overview of what you’re actually spending each month.

2. Set a savings goal and track your progress

It’s important to have a savings goal to work towards in your finance journal, even if it’s just cash in case of emergencies, without a monthly savings goal you don’t know how much you have to allocate to different categories or what you’ll have leftover at the end of every month.

The Give Yourself Credit Journal encourages you to set a goal and track your progress towards it so you can keep checking in and there are no surprises with your finances. You can also manage your bills by creating a bill payment calendar. It’s so easy.

3. Set yourself monthly challenges

At the end of every month you can return to your budget and fill in what you actually spent to give yourself a realistic picture of what to plan for next month.

The Give Yourself Credit journal is more than just a financial planner, it’s a little black book to help you master your money once and for all. Work through the tips, tricks, and monthly challenges to learn new things to make your money work for you and build your budget every single month.


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