How To Manage Your Time When You’re Super Busy

Wondering how to manage your time when life gets super busy? It’s hard to keep track of your routine and give yourself structure when things are moving fast. At CGD LONDON we know a lot about this, our day-to-day lives are sometimes so busy, but we know that it’s important to stay structured – no matter how crazy it gets.

In this vlog, CGD LONDON’s founder Celina shares how she manages her time when life gets super busy. Follow her create and build a pop-up shop in 24 hours, plan a trip to Barcelona, head to Bootcamp, and stay on top of her routine even when life goes crazy.

Learning to manage your time is all about staying structured. Get inspired by how Celina plans her busy day. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with all the vlogs!

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