10 Tips For The Best Weekend Ever

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I always imagine the weekend to be longer than it is. But that’s never the case. It always gets to Sunday and I feel like cr*p for not doing anything for myself. Who’d have thought that waking up in the afternoon, and rolling around in bed swallows up so many hours?

But those two days fly by, just like the working week does. So, this weekend I’m promising to actually do something productive for myself! But when you have to use your Saturday’s for catching up on sleep, and unloading the stresses of the week off your shoulders, how can you expect to stay inspired?

1. Sit at a desk

Just like in the week, when you’re at your desk you have no choice but to be productive. Until you’re the ultimate Career Girl, working on your hobbies in bed can sometimes set you up for failure. Instead, escape to Starbucks, where you can work on your blog without any distractions.

2. Don’t take on too much

The first problem is saying that you’re going to do this, this and this! Focus on one thing per weekend, and alternate between the two. Little bits here and there build up, and before you know it, you’ll feel inspired because you’ve started! Even if your weekend is being used for major shopping, get it done early and schedule it in like an appointment!

3. Take time to relax

Now, we don’t want you to turn the weekend into a seven-day working week! So, actually schedule the time to relax. That way, you won’t feel like you’re being overworked and that you don’t even have the time to put on a simple face mask!

4. Get an app to do most of the work for you

I can’t believe I’ve been without this app for so long! Buffer schedules your social media posts for whenever you want them posted, so you don’t have to waste the time out of your busy day. And it keeps you off your phone! Because, if you’re like me, once the phone is in your hand it stays there for about half an hour!

5. Save Netflix for the evenings

Spend your day being productive, and reward yourself with your favorite films and TV shows in the evening when it’s really time for settling down and cuddling up!

6. Don’t spend the night before awake until 3 am

I know you don’t get to in the week, and staying up with your mates watching the latest horror may be fun – but you can schedule those nights. Get a good rest, so you can wake up early!

7. Read

When I’m stuck for inspiration, I read, it increases knowledge and will inspire you to do something for yourself! Check out our latest picks of books that will seriously motivate you.

8. Get others involved

By getting other people involved in your project, it will get those creative juices flowing, and make you excited to do it rather than hiding from it!

9. Keep track

Make a planner or notebook especially for your weekend exploits. Whether you’re going traveling, starting a project or just getting into home renovation, you can write your goals, dreams, hopes, fears, and mistakes down and then come back to it next weekend. That way, you’re not leaving anything undone, just reminding yourself about it when you come back to it a week later.

10. Be positive

Do not let those nasty little voices in your head tell you you’re too tired, or that you can’t do it. Yes, you can! Get outside (even if the weather is bad) and breathe some nice fresh air before you spend the week wishing you’d done more with your weekend!

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Have your weekends become more productive?

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