3 Easy Ways to Organise & Change Your Life

Wondering how to organise your life? What should you do when you have one hundred things to do and not enough space in your notebook for it all?

Your dream planner needs space for to-dos, dividers to help you keep everything in one place – space for your weekly budget, meal planning sections. Ideally, you just have space for everything, right? Without carrying around ten different notebooks and planners…

Now there’s a way to get everything you want in a planner. Using CGD LONDON’s  Classic Agenda and inserts you can mix and match and build the planner of your dreams.

1. Make a plan that works

Every Classic Agenda comes with a Daily layout. It is perfect to schedule your entire day and become more productive. You can organise your life by adding and removing anything you need, keeping it minimal, chic, and focused.

2. Build your agenda exactly as you need it

Find you need more space to plan and write notes? Add the Notes Agenda Inserts so you’ve got more space to write plans, to-dos and ideas. 

The beauty of the Agenda is that you can make it into a tool that works for you, and can update it constantly to include everything you need to be productive, take care of yourself and get more done.

3. Create an organisation system

The best thing to do to create a system that works for you is to choose the inserts that best suit you and add some dividers to create structure inside your Agenda. Find the inserts here

With the Planning Agenda Dividers you can separate different plans by category, from finances to to-dos. Or you can choose to use the Monthly Dividers and create a system for yourself that works for an entire year. This way, you know where absolutely everything is and can stay on track with everything.


Green Croc Agenda


Finance Agenda Inserts


Meal Planning Inserts



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