Here’s How To Organize Your Desk To Get More Things Done

How To Organize Your Desk
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I once interned for an editor who had so much paper on her desk I couldn’t find a spot to rest her coffee. Although Einstein may have argued that mess is a sign of a creative mind, we career girls prefer ‘organized mess.’ That means fresh plants, beautiful stationery, and stylish books. Let’s face it – mess equals stress.

So, to get your desk (and life!) together here’s the only checklist you’ll need to upgrade your desk space. After all, that’s where the magic happens.

Step 1. Declutter your desk

Decluttering your space is the first step to upgrading your desk. Expert Marie Kondo believes every item that you own should spark joy. Hold each of your desk accessories in your hand and if it doesn’t affect you positively – bin it. You do not need a million post-it notes. Nor files from last year. Get rid.

Step 2. Organize what’s left

Now you’ve decluttered organize what’s left. Starting with your laptop files (you will feel instantly more organized!) to the stacks of paperwork and mail collecting dust (not office goals). Sifting through files every day is a waste of your time. Invest your time now and future you will be thankful. Keep your important items within eyesight but not in elbow reach. White space is your friend.

Step 3. Personalize in a way that is inspiring

Personalize your desk in a way that is inspiring (but not distracting). Hygge it up with beautiful flowers (greenery reduces tension by 37% – fact), motivational postcards, Instagram-worthy stationery and invest in an energizing candle that realizes those sweet good vibes. Oh, and a fancy mug. If you work best to music, create a killer work playlist and invest in an effective sound system. Create a vision board and display it near your workspace to keep you on track to those goals, you dream-chaser you!

Step 4. Create a ritual

Our habits are powerful, and to maintain a tidy desk, you’ve got to make it a priority. Create an end-of-day ritual that includes a speedy desk tidy. Bin used items and outdated files (and wash that mug!) Invest in beautiful stationery (I picked up a dreamy rose gold Lamy pen at the Career Girl Academy) and an inspiring environment and you won’t be able to help but be organized and productive.


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