5 Ways Your Brain Changes When You Start Organizing Your Life

Organizing and planning have given me pleasure ever since I can ever remember. What started with folders, a label maker and a pencil case full of highlighters has turned into so much more. These days my organization has stepped up its game. Not only does this involve being organized digitally (email folders and spreadsheets give me joy), but there’s nothing better than being organized offline too.

I’m not as extreme as Monica from friends. But I do like to keep every area of my life organized. The reasons why I’ll get to further down. I have a planner for every area, a notebook for my journal conversations, my Getting Things Done planner for every day and my Fit Is The Sh*t for making sure my fitness goals happen. And because I’m always prepared I pair all of these with apps, making sure it’s all embedded into my everyday life.

But it’s not because I was born with this compulsive need that I stay organized. I owe organization for allowing me to be the dreamer and allowing me the time to hold onto my ambition. Because the changes it has on the brain are unexpected but crucial. It makes sure you’re the one in control. Here are the changes that planning and organizing make to the brain – you might be surprised…

You’ll become more positive

You may not know that the more organized you are the more positively your brain reacts. This tends to mean that you’ll feel a lot happier, more relaxed and at ease. And we all know that positivity attracts positivity.

According to a study that was conducted by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology women who more organized and had decluttered felt much better than their unorganized counterparts. Those who were not organized were more depressed during the day and were notably less productive.

So, if you want to get things done during the day, the best way to go about this is to be positive. And you can achieve this at a grander scale with planning. Because you’ll have the time and the opportunity to be more positive. Plus, because the stress that disorganization brings will be gone means you can concentrate on what’s important.

You’ll Achieve Your Goals

We all have goals and achievements we all want to reach. And believe it or not but this can be made easier by just being organized. Even a list of your short-term goals can make all the difference to help you attain your goal.

For example, being more organized will help you to stay in shape. By organizing you’ll actually stick to your goal. A study that was made by the Journal of Obesity discovered that those who plan their exercise regimen and meals, set regular goals and track their progress are more likely to stay motivated and complete their goals compared to those who have no plan at all.

So we can include this to mean that everything needs a plan. Even your gym regimen. The best way to stay inspired and motivated is by keeping everything organized and in one place! And a planner will really help with that!

You’ll absorb information better

I don’t know about you, but when I feel the slightest bit disorganized I am unable to think and structure my thoughts as clearly. All rational and logical thinking goes out the window. Plus it’s a lot harder when you’re under pressure to listen and take in new information due to the clutter in your mind.

When everything is organized and your desk is clean and tidy this can all be avoided. Because all of a sudden your mind will be organized too. You’ll be able to think more clearly and absorb new information faster, which can help you when it comes to making rational decisions. Be confident then that your brain will be supercharged and react a lot better even when you are under pressure. Making you unstoppable. 

The creative side of your brain will be unlocked

In Lee Silber’s “Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain: A Creative Approach to Getting Organized” he confirms the point that when you are organized, you can unlock more of your creative potential. There is the myth that creative people tend to be disorganized by nature. But he redefines this point and instead notes that you should treat your organizing more creatively.

For Lee, disorganization can get in the way of your creativity. So it’s always better to be organized in comparison. He notes some methods through his book of how you can attain this. If you are a creative thinker, you tend to think with the right side of your brain and not your left side, which is the more rational, more organized part of the brain anyway. And while most organizational techniques are made for these left brainers, there’s no reason why you can’t invent your own techniques.

So, organize in your own way if it’s difficult because it’s the only way you’ll unlock your true potential.

You’ll Be Less Distracted

In order for us to be more productive, it means that we have to remain focused. This may seem like an obvious factor but it isn’t very easy to pull off. When your colleagues are chatting away in the office or if your phone is buzzing on the desk, there is always something there to pull your attention away from the task at hand.

But in 2011, Princeton University researchers found that cluttered spaces, which create cluttered minds make it significantly more difficult to focus on any task. Further to this, the visual cortex can often feel overwhelmed by the irrelevant factors that steal your attention. This makes it harder for the brain to place that attention back on your tasks for you to complete.

Keep your workspaces clean and decluttered and make sure every area of your life is organized – all the way from your desk to your self-care.


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