7 Things We Learned From Monica About Being Organized


If there’s one thing we learned from Monica Gellar, it’s how to organize!

She’s the neat freak inside all of us as we get older, nagging at us to tidy up and create a plan as we go. I think we can all relate to her compulsive need to keep everything clean and perfect on some level. Well, I know I can!

It’s not about being too OTT, it’s about having pride in your home and having it perfect for guests to enjoy. And organizing and planning your day helps, too. So you can feel structured and on top of everything.

Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want a nice, tidy clean home they can come home to when they finish work?

So, if you want to take your organization and cleaning to a whole other level then just do it just like Monica would:


1. Everything should have its place:


Everything from shoes to cutlery has its own spot. And if you’re anything like Monica, even your ribbons have their own spot!

Having your belongings lying around the place can make your home look very cluttered. Think clear surfaces and place your home decor in particular spots for the ultimate finish.

It’s a habit you should definitely adopt. It will even prevent you from losing things because you’ll always know where you keep them.


2. Leave no nook and cranny overlooked:


If you want to take your cleaning to the next level then you can be like Monica and even clean your cleaning tools.

Whilst this may be a little OTT, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go the extra mile when you’re cleaning. Cleaning doesn’t just involve cleaning the surfaces only your eyes can see.

That means reaching to the back of the couch, dusting your skirting boards and going where you have never gone before!


3. An organized life = an organized mind:


If there’s one thing we love about Monica, it’s that her organization is next level. According to her, everything needs a category, just like everything needs a place.

Use labels for smaller things like household tools and cleaning products. Or to be a bit fancier get yourself some cute little tags that blend in with your decor and make organization a part of your home.


4. No one can do it better than you:


I tend to have the problem where no one can clean my house like I can, and whilst I’m always asking for the help, I feel no one is up to the same standards.

The way to make this better is by cleaning together as a house, this will show them how the pros do it. But delegation also helps, where you can give them cleaning tasks that are simple to do.

Remember to take a step back though, it may not be your style but learn to let go a little bit!

You can even use an app to manage household duties with your flatmates or partner. and OurHome is my favorite for this!

I must say, it has helped my household stay on track! It even rewards us with points when we complete tasks, which has turned into a bit of a competition for us.


5. Never leave the house without making your bed:


I always used to leave the house without making my bed. But when I came home to an unmade, messy bed it would always put me in a bad mood.

No one wants to make their bed when they come in after a long day.

And, I, for one, am obsessed with making my bed. Like Monica, I have a way I like my bed made, from where the duvet sits, to where the pillows are placed!

Leaving the house with a perfectly made bed, helps you to have something to look forward to when you return.


6. Confront your dirty secret:


Even the cleanest most organized people have a dirty secret. It’s a spot where they can stuff all the things they simply just dump the unwanted things.

And everyone has this closet or spot! But you can’t be truly organized and decluttered if you’re holding onto this space. So, I’m afraid you’ll have to let it go!

For example, Monica’s closet could be used for much more, especially in the city when storage space runs minimal.

So, I mean it, sort out those closets for once and for all and turn it into organizational heaven.


7. Everything is scheduled and planned:


If there’s one thing Monica loves it’s a plan – she schedules for fun!

But, we’ve all been guilty of doing it once. We lead such busy lives that sometimes we have to schedule in the fun time so we can remember to have it.

The best thing you can do is to always plan and schedule your time, it will even help you to fill in the days where you’ve got free. Stick to this and your life will not only feel fuller but better.


Alongside your planner/diary, download an app like Calendars, which is my absolute fave for seeing my week in front of me in digital form! You can even color code and remind yourself to get things done!



So, tell me, are you like Monica, or do you want to be more like her?



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