How To Plan A Productive Start To 2019

Are you feeling prepared for 2019? It’s not so far away now, and even though it’s Christmas and you’re probably thinking about other things (family, presents, drinking and eating) now is the perfect time to sit aside for an hour with a pen and your planner and start laying out the foundation for 2019.

Like anything in life, as soon as you get ahead of it, you’ll be prepared and ready to walk into the next year smashing your goals, not putting them off. My perfect combo for this would be the Getting Stuff Done planner and the Goals 2019 Diary (back for UK/EU/AUS orders at the end of December!). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, if you want to take some time out of your holiday break to get ahead of all the goals you want to smash next year, here’s how…

1. Start with one goal 

Start by asking yourself what you really want to achieve. It’s tempting to list at least five things you want to improve on next year, but the best way to set and smash your goals is to focus on them one by one, only move on once you’ve smashed it and be realistic. Is it going to take you a whole year to smash the goal you’ve set yourself?

Do you need less or more time to make it happen? If you need some help deciding on the goal you want to set yourself for 2019, write down everything you want to achieve first (in a notebook like the Make It Happen notebook) and start crossing off the ones you’re less excited about and eliminating the ones that aren’t so realistic.

2. Create a chain, and don’t break it

Open up your Goals 2019 Diary and start by writing your monthly goal in every single month, you should give yourself a deadline that’s realistic and achievable and will help you work towards your eventual goal. To break it down even further, make smaller weekly deadlines and give yourself little check-ins.

I like to stamp my Goals 2019 Diary for every day I work towards something, you could add a sticker when you work on your goal, or simply add a cross to your monthly overview to keep you on track and quickly check your progress – this will help you work towards it every day, rather than putting it off until the deadline.

3. See the future 

Besides your one goal, there are other things you’re going to need to make room for in 2019, of course. You’ll need to remember birthdays, events, weddings, parties, deadlines, meetings, and goals, and it’s important that you get these down on paper too. That’s why I’m swearing by the Goals 2019 Diary now because I can basically see the future and put in all those important dates and deadlines.

When you’re super busy, it’s so important to stay ahead of what life throws at you, so treat your planner like a lifeline and write down everything you might need to remember now, rather than waiting until the year kicks off. You’ll seem super organized if you remember all the deadlines well in advance and start working towards things that most other people hadn’t considered yet.

4. Get stuck into your daily plan 

While you can lay out your day by the hour in the Goals 2019 Diary, it’s also important to give yourself a really meaty (for lack of a better word) overview of your day, to really see what you’ve got going on and how you’re going to execute it. The Getting Stuff Done planner will be your go-to for this. Start by writing out your Today’s Plan, and then, on the following page – actually keep track of what you’re doing. Make sure you’ve scheduled in daily exercise, had enough water, planned and prepped your meals and are thoroughly ready to take on every single day.



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