How To Plan For October According To Your Horoscope

You can’t expect to embrace success without a solid plan. That’s a fact, and sometimes we like to prepare ourselves for the month ahead by looking to the stars, too. Who doesn’t love reading a good horoscope? It’s a chance to prepare for whatever life throws at you with a little help from the Universe.

Now October is almost here, it’s time to get cozy. The air is colder and crisper, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your end of year goals and to-do lists. There’s nothing better than asking the stars for a little guidance every so often. That way, when you come to plan out your goals for October, if you’re using our Goals 2019 Diary, for example, you can absolutely prepare yourself and you know what’s coming your way.

This month is all about developing yourself and being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, so step it up and get ready to have an amazing October.

In September, you probably had to develop a lot of self-awareness. You probably had a lot of challenges thrown your way, but this month it’s all about conversation, debate, and finding a mentor. You’ll want to work on those career goals. You might have made a decision that did not go to planned in the past few weeks, and now is the time to let that go.

This month is going to offer you a completely new opportunity and a new area of expertise to develop and grow in. This will start off as a huge task, but as the weeks go on, making decisions to network and meet new people will play in your favor as those people will step up to help you get things done. If you want to make the most of this month, you need to start with a solid and very detailed plan, especially when those large work tasks start opening up towards the end of the month.

For you, Taurus, this month is all about letting go of judgments. In work, this month, you may have to deal with criticism. This doesn’t mean you are not appreciated, this criticism is given to help you grow and develop as a person.

It will help you to write this feedback down, remember that this criticism is coming from a person who knows what you are capable of when you dedicate yourself to something, so take it in your stride, write it down and learn from it. On the weekends, it’s important

If you want to plan this month well, make time for people around you and be prepared to receive criticism and feedback, and work on it!

Gemini, you like to surround yourself with people and enjoy teamwork. This will work in your favor this month, as there will be a person around you who starts off as a complete opposite but ends up being an asset to your work and journey to success. The problem you’ll encounter is how to work with them in harmony, this will require a lot of compromise on your part, but once you swallow your pride and do it, your work will flourish.

You will discover a problem during the month that you keep putting off, this problem or task will nag at you again and again, and you will find yourself unable to complete it. You need a kick of motivation to finish this task before the end of the week, so sit down and make a plan for how you’re going to achieve it as soon as it presents itself. Write down times that you will work on certain things and stick to them, this month will be all about time management, and the better you can stick to your own times, the better off you’ll be.

For you, Cancer, this month is all about stress. You need to learn to let go of your worries and stresses and focus instead on being carefree and enjoying every little minute. This translates to your journey to success and your work, too. You can’t take things too seriously, and for the past few months, you may have been. It’s time to embrace some fun and breathe some new life back into your work and your daily routine. This means, you’ll need to try new things, present new ideas, think outside the box and be more creative in what you do.

Take a walk outside this month, try to get some headspace and think about things in a new way, if you brainstorm many ideas, one of them will open a new opportunity up to you that you’d never thought of before. While you’re planning this month bear in mind that there’s a networking opportunity coming up that you really shouldn’t miss.

There’s a problem that’s bothering a group of people around you, Leo. Your work colleagues or managers are struggling with something that you might find the easy solution too. You have an unusual way of thinking about things and can navigate your way around problems much easier than other people. This is because you tend to think for a while before you act, which can sometimes be a problem, but this month will come in handy. This month, try to become well-versed in the art of problem-solving. Learn some new skills, because an opportunity will present itself and you will have the skills to solve it.

You’re busy, but you need to remember that you need to switch off for one day a week and instead of working on your success, work on yourself. Develop yourself and grow yourself into the person you want to become. You’ll find that anything is possible when you invest in yourself this month.

Virgo, this month you will meet a worthy opponent. This could be a competitor at work or a colleague who does not have your best interests at heart, do not worry. This is an opportunity to make amends with this person and learn how to develop yourself. Other people’s attitudes don’t need to affect you Virgo, and October is bringing with a joint project or goal that you share with a person who could give you anxiety, so you really need to work on that relationship as soon as you see it coming.

Later on in the month, you will get an opportunity to learn something, a new skill or a life lesson, and you should step into this with both eyes open because this will lead you to an idea you wouldn’t otherwise have had. And once this idea takes shape, you’ll be ready to create your own success.

October is all about creativity for you. You might have come up with something new and creative that you just can’t get out of your head, or you might be wondering why you’re feeling a little stagnant. If it’s the latter, you need to embrace more creativity in your life. You need to use your way of thinking to be more creative in your plans, projects, and deadlines. Manage them and think outside the box, you won’t be disappointed.

Try to make time for more creative pursuits, as your time will be taken up with a lot of work and family related matters. You might also have to do a lot of conflict resolution this month, so be sure to give yourself space away from all that to develop and grow your creative skills. They will come in handy as the end of the year draws near.

October for you is an exciting month filled with promise. This may mean new relationships, but also new opportunities. Travel will play a big part in your October, Scorpio, so be willing and open to leap into the unknown, even if you’d prefer the safety and comfort of your home. Stepping outside your comfort zone this month holds big rewards, so try to plan for one thing this month that scares you, and make a note of any potential opportunities you could volunteer for.

The promise of October is too much to ignore, so when you’re making your monthly plan, try to remember the goals you want to achieve and that the path you’re following isn’t always going to be straight. You might need to take a few detours to get to where you need to be.

For you, Sagittarius, this month is all about social connections. Try to be as social as possible, at times you can be a social butterfly, and this month you’ll need to put that to the test. Because this month, the social gatherings you will be attending aren’t quite what you’re used to. You will be meeting people you have nothing in common with, talking about topics that make you feel out of your depth. However, this networking of new people is important, not only for building your skills, but for making a surprising connection that will help you in an unexpected way.

Meeting new people and talking about their goals and their problems, even if you don’t relate to them, will help you feel more positive and encourage you to grow to become a better leader and help you network better in future events, this will definitely help you in the long run. Look out for any groups or meetups while you’re planning your month, and don’t say no to any networking events that pop up.

This month is a clean slate for you, Capricorn. It’s a chance to assess your goals and break out of any rut you might be stuck in. You’re obviously looking to the future, but instead of trying to control your goals and stay on the path you’ve been on for the past few months, step back and try to think about things differently. You’re going to have to change the way you do things if you want to succeed.

This means, showing yourself you can come up with new and brilliant ideas, and that you can innovate the tasks you’ve already been doing, be committed and prove yourself by being silent and dedicated, showing that you do have the creative skills to make anything work. While you’re planning for this month Capricorn, remember to think outside the box and try to innovate what you’re already doing.

You might have a new idea you want to share, Aquarius, but feeling insecure about it won’t help. This month favors ideas, and for you, travel and educational pursuits should be high on your to-do list. Whether you book something for the future, decide what your end of year plans are, or start enrolling in a course. It’s important that you realize this month is a good one for your ideas and self-development.

When you’re planning for this month, schedule in as many classes, lessons, and skills as you can. Some of them will stick, some won’t, but the ones that you enjoy will open new doors and help you figure out what you really want to do.

This month is the month of chances. You have unlimited chances to become whoever you want to be and to undo any mistakes you’ve made. You need to do whatever it takes to inspire yourself and be your own cheerleader, rather than waiting for someone else to do it. You need to spend this month on ‘self-love’ remember why you’re amazing and keep that in mind while pursuing new ventures. You are unique, and every opportunity is a chance to develop.

So, when you’re planning this month, make sure to include things that will boost that confidence up and help you embrace the fact that you have lots of skills and talents and can absolutely get anything you want! By the end of the month, a new door will have opened for you based entirely on your self-development.


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