The Best Way To Plan Your Week If You Want To Get Things Done

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If you’re wondering how to plan your day at work, you already know the basics. You know you need a great planner like our CGD daily planner to get everything together, but did you know there’s always one thing we forget to account for.

Our mood. Think about it, you can have the best intentions to get stuff done on a Monday. And then wake up tired and not ready to jump into all the tasks you’ve set for yourself. Google employees swear by planning each day by the amount of energy it requires, and it’s actually a really cool concept.

Monday: Low Energy Day 

According to this plan, your energy will be lowest at the start and end of the week. Start the week with a meeting to catch up on all your tasks and find out what your colleagues are working on and try to work the day around low-demand tasks. You’ll want to spend Monday organizing, planning, and working on projects or presentations.

Tuesday: Energy rising

Tuesday is a great day for difficult tasks and high-pressure situations. Your mind will be sharp and you’ll be able to deal with high demands of the job. Your plan for the day should include to-dos that have built up, harder tasks and goals and any activities that require a fast result. You’ll be sharp, confident, and feel like a boss.

Wednesday: Energy peak

Although they call it hump day, actually, you are most energetic. The reason for this is that you’re now used to the day-to-day routine, you’ve been eating and drinking in routine (which you’re not likely to on weekends) and you can cope with the fast-paced nature of work. This is another great day to have team brainstorming sessions, meetings, and take care of the harder work. In your personal life, you might want to schedule gym classes and time for hobbies – because according to this way of thinking, you’ll be seriously creative on a Wednesday.

Thursday: Energy failing 

It’s getting to the end of the week and your energy might be waning. Google employees know this day is best for scheduling meetings and interviews and doing more tasks that require you to be out of the office. There’s a reason Google employees are highly productive and it’s not just because they have a nap station – it’s because they value their time and their feelings.

Friday: Lowest energy day 

So you might feel peppy, but this day is reserved for low-energy tasks. This is for the long-term planning, for open-ended tasks and building relationships. Within your days, you have less energy in the afternoon, so you should be most enthusiastic about tasks in the first half of the day! It’s an interesting system and one that might just work.

So what do you think about planning your week around your mood?


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  1. I never thought of this. Taking my notepad and pen now and planning it out! Genius. Google has such good tips. xx

  2. I love how parts of this I’ve accidentally incorporated into my weekly schedule a bit, I should definitely try out the other days as well! Monday has definitely been catch-up day in my lab for as long as I can remember (plus I try to have it be an easier day in terms of what I’m making for dinner) and Wednesdays are when I host a dinner party for friends from college. I especially like how socialization is built into this schedule as a positive thing instead of a distraction to be avoided.

  3. Wait. What? Google has a “nap station”? Are they hiring? Seriously, this is a great idea. I think I’m going to try it this week. Thanks for the info!

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