How To Plan Your Day Like Drew Barrymore

While Santa Clarita Diet may have been canceled by Netflix (we’re holding out hope for a new season somewhere else) Drew Barrymore certainly isn’t slowing down. One time child actress, as she’s grown up Drew has put all her efforts into becoming a well-rounded mom and role model to many. With her company Flower, now expanding into a home range, her acting credits (too many to count) and her dedication to showing a truthful version of herself on social media, Drew’s captured the hearts of many.

If there ever was a role model to look towards, it would be Drew. Able to juggle acting with running a company and being a good mom, Drew achieves it all by being honest and dedicating time to herself. She’s been in Hollywood for a long time and knows how to stay true to herself, take care of herself, and make time for the things that matter.

We put Drew’s daily plan in the Getting Stuff Done planner to see just how she manages to balance it all, and while she gets a little bit of a lie in, she’s big on spending time with the people that matter and surrounding herself with joy.

7:00 AM


Drew’s morning routine only takes around ten minutes. If she wakes up at seven, she’ll do her beauty routine (using her own Flower products) in just ten minutes so that she can have a little extra sleep and run out the door for whatever her day has in store for her.

She usually starts the day by brushing her teeth, washing her face, adding moisturizer, caffeine, powder, blush, and then she’s ready to go. This low-key morning ritual stays true to Drew’s ideas of a beauty routine and helps her get out the door and ahead of the day. 

7:30 AM


In preparation for her role as Sheila in Santa Clarita Diet, Drew had to step up her workouts. She complained that it can be easy to forget about yourself when you’re running a company and being a mother, but what helps her stay sane is a workout during the day, whether it’s in the morning or during the day. Her trainer Marnie Alton has helped her get (and stay) in shape.

Drew is a fan of Barre Belle, which involves strength and flexibility training and usually lasts around one hour long. It can be a tough workout, Drew’s regularly sharing videos of her killing it, or photos of her on the floor, but she does her best and shows the reality of her workouts to her followers to inspire them.

8:30 AM


Like many successful women, Drew’s average workday doesn’t exist. If she’s on set filming for Santa Clarita Diet, they can expect to start and finish at around about the same time every day, but if she’s filming for a movie it might overrun, or require her to fly to a different location. She also makes press appearances as does a lot of work for her company, Flower.

“Things have to fall off my list all the time. I seldom do films, because I don’t see my kids enough and I don’t want to do that.” She has to delegate the things on her list and decide what works for her. She believes that going away and working is better for her in relationships and as a mother because she brings something back with her. If she dedicated herself solely to motherhood, she’d be exhausted, and if she dedicated herself solely to work, she’d also be exhausted. So she tries to be present with her family when she can and do things that make sense for her.  

12:00 PM


Drew follows a vegan diet while she works on certain shoes, (eg Santa Clarita Diet). “When I’m doing the show, I’m a vegan and I barely eat anything…” she joked, she’s a foodie so finds it tough, but tries to opt for vegan lunches that are still delicious and considers herself a foodie. 

This diet helps her stay lean for her shows but also helps her get energy and stay on top of the long hours she has to work.

7:00 PM


Drew knows the antidote to a stressful busy and fulfilling life in Hollywood (and running a company) is spending time with family and friends. If you check her Instagram, you’ll see she loves nothing more than spending time snapping photos of her cats, relaxing, and being comfortable – even on long haul flights.

If she can, in the evening she’ll surround herself with family and friends, and make time to just enjoy herself and unwind. She says of Cameron Diaz :“We have much more of that kind of relationship, we’re very honest with each other. We push each other. And we’ve had the majority of our lives spent side by side, really going through what real life is, which is an everyday high and low and we just have each other’s backs.” Drew looks for this kind of connection in all her friends, and is extremely loyal, so spending time with her friends is truly a joy.




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