How To Plan Your Day Like Jameela Jamil


Jameela Jamil is on a mission to heal Hollywood. She’s using her voice for change, and she’s not afraid to call out bullsh*t when she sees it. Diet sweets, fat-burning miracle methods, unhealthy and unrealistic body shaming, these are the things that Jameela has no time for. And she’s not afraid to tell the world. She’s a great role model and an all-around great person. I remember watching her present TV when I was younger and eagerly reading her columns in magazines, thinking she was so honest for someone in the media. She moved to America, and unlike most people, she didn’t allow the LA mentality to take over and instead spent her time cutting through the crap and providing a running commentary. 

Jameela is busy, and in the prime of her career, but still unafraid to stand up for what she believes in, call out people and work damn hard to get to where she is. Her daily routine is one of low-key self-care, with hard work and an easy-going mentality thrown in, too.

We planned Jameela’s average day in the Getting Stuff Done planner to find out how we can make time for more self-love and standing up for what we believe in. The key to Jameela’s daily routine is positivity.

7:30 AM



Jameela describes her morning routine as fairly low-key. Depending what her shooting schedule is, she’ll wake up early (or earlier if she has a full day of work ahead of her). And have a shower, moisturize, apply bronzer and leave the house. This low-effort morning routine allows her to get out the door on time. She’ll check social media in the morning, including her account @i_weigh (an empowering account for women). 

Shooting means that she’ll often be in hair, makeup, and wardrobe once she arrives at work, so she can afford to grab a coffee, with a quick swipe of bronzer as she dashes out the door. 

“While I maintain that it is excruciatingly dull to be so sweaty and uncomfortable for 40 minutes straight, I must admit, I feel bloody amazing,” Jameela said of her gym habit. She goes to the gym as often as possible, more to help her deal with anxiety and rising stress levels. Being in the public eye is tough, and being at the top of your game in success is tougher – that’s why most successful women can be found at the gym or working out as often as possible.

“Why is something that is so good for our mental health only ever marketed as something that can help us meet societally ‘acceptable’ body shapes? We all need it. We aren’t supposed to be sedentary creatures,” Jameela wrote about her desire to work out. She does a variety of exercises at the gym to keep her feeling physically fit and keep stress at bay and is very clear that her desire to take care of herself isn’t because she wants to be any kind of societally accepted body shape, but because she wants to feel her best self.

10:00 AM:



Jameela started off her career as a TV presenter and moved to LA to give herself more chances. She wanted to do more radio, and present more. However, her agent told her to audition for a role in a TV show, and that’s how her first ever acting job ended up being alongside Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. 

“I’m not ambitious, but I’m very tenacious,” she told the BBC, “I never think I’ll get something, but I’m willing to try. That’s my victory, the willingness to give it a go. Everything else is cake.” Jameela spent some time bedridden after a car accident, so she tries to take every opportunity that’s given to her. 


13:00 PM:



Lunch on set is often what’s prepared, Jameela snacks on apples and nuts, but she’s careful not to publicize what she eats and her diet as she suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger. She only wanted to look good, she didn’t care about how she felt, what she ate, or her other achievements. She was also born with coeliac disease, and got mercury poisoning from incorrect fillings, meaning she could only eat chicken and chips until the poison left her system. 

“A nutritionist advised me to steer clear of processed food, wheat, barley, and rye. I’ve also cut out dairy. I struggled to find gluten-free products but things have improved and now retailers like Holland & Barrett – with their new Free From range – are catering for coeliacs.” she said.

9:00 PM:



Although Jameela describes taking her makeup off at night as boring, she’s a fan of Creme de la Mer, cocoa butter, and Dr organics eye cream. Evenings are for caring for yourself, Jameela takes the time to de-stress, and de-tox. She believes that in order to live her best life, she should always be kind to herself, and end the day on a high. She says, most of this comes from undoing years of repression and asking for what she wants.

“Start small. Start with food orders: something comes not the way you ordered, be nice and say, ‘I’m so sorry but this is not what I wanted, can I please have this thing that I want’. If you ask someone for something that is good for you and respectful and they don’t do it, get away from that person. Even if it’s family. I didn’t talk to a couple of my family members for six years until they agreed to treat me in a way I found appropriate.” She told Stylist. Her desire to change and grow helps her to sleep better, have better relationships, and tackle each day better too. 



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