How To Plan Your Day Like Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is a controversial figure. Kim has made news recently after announcing she’s looking into becoming a lawyer, again this proves just how single-minded and focused she is. There’s no escaping it, no matter what she does there are tons of opinions, but when you boil it down, she is one of the most popular women in the world and she makes money effortlessly, from an Instagram post to her various ventures, like her app, and beauty line. She is a businesswoman, despite what most think. She’s smart and savvy. Thanks to her family, she’s got a business head on her shoulders and is always looking for inspiration. While she divides opinion a lot, it has to be said that she uses this divisiveness to get what she wants. 

Of course, being one of the most famous women in the world, no day is the same, and every single day is a whirlwind. But Kim manages to balance it all with her family life, and her growing brood. She’s still super close with her sisters and is a hands-on mother to her children. Most of us struggle with that balance, and even though she has a lot of help, her daily plan helps her achieve everything she sets her mind to. 

We put Kim Kardashian’s daily plan in the Getting Stuff Done planner to see exactly how she manages to achieve it all, tick all the boxes, and keep coming up with new ideas to further her brand. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time to look after herself, that’s the most important thing! 

6:00 AM



Kim wakes up really early, around six o’clock. She sleeps with her phones and baby monitor next to her bed, the first thing she does is check her emails and talk to Kanye. She sleeps in total darkness

She starts the day off with a run after waking up, and she’ll ask Kanye to join her if he’s not busy with his own workout planned. Her workouts in the morning are around an hour or an hour fifteen, she mixes them up by either working out at home or taking a class.

7:00 AM:



Kim starts the day off with an hour and fifteen minutes of working out. She’ll mix it up by running for thirty-five minutes on the trails, and then coming back to work on her abs or legs. She likes to listen to music while she works out, but the slower music helps her to work faster, so she’ll often listen to classical music while she works out. She also goes to Barry’s Bootcamp every so often but finds that the house music slows her down.

Kim used to go to the gym a lot, but since becoming a mother, she prefers to stay at home so she can be there when the children wake up at around eight. She’ll have a breakfast of scrambled eggs, oatmeal, or a protein shake with fruit. Kanye eats healthy and has a chef that comes to keep them on track with a diet that changes every ten days. After a workout she grabs a bath, using Erno Laszlo soap, she’s a huge fan of a bath and prefers them to showers. 

11.30 AM:



While shooting for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim’s day can be pretty long. They used to start early at around 7 a.m., but now they tend to start later and film for later, finishing around 7 or 8 p.m. When she’s not filming, she usually has one or two meetings a day. Peppered with trips, tours, and other things that take up her time. When she’s not promoting the KKW beauty line, she’s focusing on shoots, television appearances, and more. Her busy day doesn’t always allow her much downtime, but she’ll try to make time for her children. 

“If I’m working or filming that day, I’ll have hair and makeup done at the house. That usually takes an hour and a half. If I don’t get breakfast earlier, I’ll eat then, and respond to e-mails.” Kim says, but her favorite thing to do is video-chat with her family when she’s not with them. Hair and makeup isn’t an everyday thing for Kim, she’ll do her own if she’s running off to a meeting. 

1:00 PM:



In the afternoon, after a lunch that’s usually been prepared by her chef, Kim makes time to talk to her family. She explains that they’re on group chats every single day, and being on other sides of the world allows them to communicate no matter where they are, keeping up with each other no matter the time difference or distance, and cheering each other on in their various busy lives.

When Kim and Kanye aren’t working together, lunchtime is a good time for them to meet and eat together or FaceTime. It’s important to her to use her lunchtimes to connect with her family and stay on top of everything. 

5:00 PM



Kim likes to eat mainly lean protein and vegetables, and while focusing on her health she’s cut out cocktails and desserts. She says that recently she’s had the luxury of staying at home and doing a lot of work from there, and she always makes sure to take Sunday off, no matter what else is happening. “I love driving, being in my car and listening to my music,” she says, about those Sundays spent with her children.

“Once the baby’s asleep, I like to unwind by getting in bed and doing some work. I’ll put on a robe and answer e-mails or go online.” She’ll watch something on TV, or start consulting on other KKW beauty launches in the evening after dinner. She doesn’t watch TV in the evening but will spend the evening instead, doing admin work and working comfortably from home.

11:00 PM



“I always put my hair up and use a makeup wipe to wash my face off, and I apply facial oil or moisturizer before bed.” Kim Kardashian goes to bed at eleven latest, and since her schedule is so busy, she really does not want to neglect herself. Which is why she works out every morning before her kids get up, and makes time for her self-care routine in the evening, “Like last night at 10:00 P.M., I went to get a facial. I was like, OK, I’ve put all the kids to bed – I have to take care of myself. I really needed this facial, and I’ll go to bed at midnight tonight. Even my sisters think I’m crazy because I’ll take the time to do that when most people won’t, or I’ll get up at 5:00 A.M. and workout before the kids get up”



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