How To Plan Your Day Like Lady Gaga


Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is no stranger to reinvention. With her dramatic make-under for A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga works hard to achieve everything she sets her mind to. From her foray into acting to winning awards for her albums, Lady Gaga is not afraid to push boundaries, and do things her way.

She’s been vocal about the issues that affect her, the things that have shaped her, and the reasons why she pushes herself so hard. But her daily routine is one that sees her taking care of herself from the inside out, to really encourage her best work.

We wrote out Lady Gaga’s daily routine in the Getting Stuff Done planner, to see just how she manages to get everything done and keep herself feeling (and looking) her best. 

A day in the life of Emma Watson surely involves a lot of planning, fun, and thinking about the issues that matter to her.

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Lady Gaga starts her day off with early morning pilates or yoga in the morning, she has a personal chef who usually gives her staple meals like quinoa with beans and veggies, and protein like shrimp or chicken. She follows the 5-factor diet and does strength training five days a week. Her trainer Harley Pasternak told UsWeekly that Lady Gaga does 35-minute strength training sessions five times a week, at least. She does bicycle crunches, ab rotations, reverse crunch and double crunch, dumbbell side bends, and cardio circuits. But in the morning, she tends to do Bikram Yoga with her instructor Tricia Donegan.

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Lady Gaga’s average day is a mixture of everything. She’ll write songs, record albums, go on tours, have award ceremonies, and since she’s getting more publicity thanks to A Star Is Born, she’s always on the go. On a down day, you can find her in bed or at home with her dogs, writing songs and getting ready for shows. There’s no such thing as an average day for someone like Lady Gaga, so it’s important to her to take care of her wellbeing and mental health. 

To combat her mental health and anxiety struggles, Lady Gaga learned how to create a balance. “I started to say no. I’m not doing that. I don’t want to do that. I’m not taking that picture, I’m not going to that event, I’m not standing by that because that’s not what I stand for. And slowly but surely, I remembered who I am. And then you go home, and you look in the mirror, and you’re like, ‘Yes. I can go to bed with you every night.’ Because that person, I know that person.” 

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Never one to turn down a cheat meal, Lady Gaga will turn to sweet potato burgers and sweet potato fries as a replacement for a burger and chips, or fried chicken to get her cheat meal fix. It’s important that no matter how crazy her day is, she does something for herself. “Love who you are, you are all that you got,” she said. Whether she allows herself a treat or spends time with her family, she’s clear that in order to be successful, she has to look after herself.

“The reason I am here at all is because of my family and their encouragement of me to be a musician and to work hard.” Lady Gaga has said. And she repays this by spending as much time as possible with her family. t

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These days, thanks to the success of A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga is busier than ever. When she’s not attending awards or shooting magazine covers, she’s trying to find time to take care of herself. Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno confessed that she has “the most incredible skin in the business.” And she achieves this through her skincare routine. 

Her evening routine contains a vitamin C serum, an anti-aging facemask, and a moisturizer. She uses a lot of drugstore skincare and makes sure to always cleanse after wearing heavy red carpet makeup. Her star product is Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum. 



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