How To Plan Your Day Like Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is the definition of a powerful woman. She built herself up from nothing and became one of the richest women in the world, and seeing how she plans her day it’s clear to see how her life has changed massively, now she grows her own food, flies in crab cakes, and has princesses over for lunch.

Oprah had a humble start but definitely doesn’t let this shake her, she’s living her best life, empowering others and getting ahead. All the while, she remains a force to be reckoned with, and an inspiration to women everywhere that with a little hard work and dedication, anything is possible. 

Oprah’s life is literally like no other, we put her daily plan in the Getting Stuff Done planner to see just how she manages to balance it all, and how she’s optimized her life to live her best life every day. 

6:20 AM


Oprah wakes up between 6:00 and 6:20 AM, without an alarm. She relies on her internal clock to wake her up at the optimal time and gets ready to take her dogs out for a walk in the morning. She has five dogs and makes her favorite espresso with caffeinated and decaffeinated espresso with milk and a little hazelnut. She then walks the dog around the garden and goes back inside for a series of spiritual exercises. She likes to dabble with different spiritual activities that help her to feel whole, grateful, and positive before she starts the day. When the weather is warmer, she sits outside to meditate. 

After meditation, she works out for an hour. She does resistance flexibility, a low-impact strength-training program. Two or three people push against her as she pushes against them, and then she goes for a run and combines that with a thirty minute run on the treadmill. Her life today is so far removed from where it was when she started out, she confessed to Ellen Degeneres that her toilet roll is always folded in little triangles as you’d get in a hotel, and she never runs out. She built this life for herself and lives it fearlessly.

9:00 AM


No business day is the same for Oprah, she usually goes through her schedule during breakfast, has phone calls, video conferences, does her bank wires, and all her finances all at once. She tries to get it all out of the way by 12:30pm, sometimes she’ll have meetings regarding her magazine or TV network, or she’ll have an appointment with everything from a trunk show with Brunello Cucinelli to an important meeting with someone for her podcast. 

1:00 PM


Oprah eats whatever she grows in her garden. After her workout she’ll usually be in the garden harvesting away with her partner Stedman, they try to live by the rule that if they can’t find it in the garden, they can’t eat it, but every so often they break it. Oprah talks about having her favorite crab cakes flown in from Pappas in Baltimore, which is definitely a luxury only Oprah can afford.

“I love lunch. It’s my favorite meal. If Stedman isn’t here, I will invite others over—all the people I’m interested in talking to or meeting. I had Jennifer Lawrence up for lunch, Chrissy Metz, Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia. I do cook, but not if it’s more than four people.”

2:00 PM


If there’s more business to take care of, Oprah will do it in the afternoon, including her finances, “Having grown up poor, I can never completely turn over all my money matters to anyone else. It’s important for me to know how much the electricity bill is, to know what’s coming in, what’s going out. I never want to be one of those people who delegates that task to someone else and then one day is surprised to find out how much money they do or don’t have.” 

She’ll have a meeting with her friend Gayle (editor at large of O magazine), with her office in L.A, and will go down the line of all the business stuff she needs to take care of, trying her best to get it all done within two hours. 

After that, she’ll have the rest of her day. She’ll work out again, and have some time to herself to read, drink tea, and enjoy her afternoon. She has her own tea room to sit and watch the sunset while she chills out. Which is definitely an example of Oprah living her best life.

6:00 PM


She’ll have dinner by six thirty latest if she’s home. She’ll cook for Stedman and herself, but she doesn’t cook for more than four people because she doesn’t like to measure things. Each meal is made up of protein, two vegetables, and a carb. My protein is usually fish or some form of grilled or baked chicken.

After dinner they’ll walk the dogs again, she spends a lot of time reading in the evening after dinner and grab a good movie to watch.

10:00 PM


In the evening, Oprah reads and relaxes by the fire. She loves to choose books to recommend to others in her book club, and after she’s read for a little, she’ll run a bubble bath. “For me now, a perfect day is not just one thing; it’s a series of small things. It’s the crisp air on your face when you open the door in the morning, the reflection of mountains and clouds in a crystal lake…I’ve earned it: I’ve earned the ability to pay attention to every aspect and detail of the day. I have a great appreciation for the little things that add up to that big thing called a meaningful life.”

She loves to end the day with a gratitude journal, which she’s been writing for years. “The last thing I do before I go to sleep is write five things that gave me great pleasure or that I was grateful for,” she said. Writing your gratitude down is the perfect way to feel more positive and optimistic before the start of a new day.




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