How To Plan Your Day Like Sophie Turner


Any Game of Thrones fans amongst us will know how killer this week’s episode was. And while Maisie Williams’s popularity has suddenly boosted, we can’t fault good old Sansa for doing the heroic thing and knowing when she couldn’t really be of much help. Even if you don’t watch GoT, you can still admire Sophie as an actress and an inspiring woman. Breaking into Hollywood at such a young age, soon to be marrying a Jonas Brother, and still keeping her sense of humor and wit, Sophie has spoken candidly about anxiety and stress and tries to push herself out of her comfort zone as much as possible.

While everyone’s talking about Game of Thrones at the moment, Sophie’s quietly carving a killer career for herself, showing up, working hard and doing what she’s good at every day.

We put Sophie’s daily routine in the Getting Stuff Done planner, to see just how she manages to get everything done and keep herself feeling (and looking) her best. And let’s just say, a 4 AM wakeup call isn’t for the faint-hearted…

4:00 AM



Sophie is honest that she loves her sleep, but when working she usually wakes up between four and five am. “It’s horrific, but if I have a day off, then I tend to lie in until eleven am,” she told Porter.

She’s most motivated to work out in the morning after she wakes up before she can talk herself out of it, and she’ll go before breakfast. She goes to Rumble in NYC and LA, and Kobox in London to train and get her boxing fix.

5:30 AM



Whether she’s on a much-needed vacation with her family or working, she makes sure to take her supplements every single day. When she’s working out she swears by fish oil and makes sure to stick to her skincare routine every single morning, which includes a cleanser, toner, SPF, and a reach cream for hydration.

If she’s up and out the door early, she’ll be sure to prep her skin and have her supplements, whether she’s on set for a movie (such as X MEN) or just scheduled to do multiple press appearances and junkets.


6:30 AM



Work is super busy for Sophie, now her filming for Game of Thrones is over, she’s still working on other projects and often needs to get herself ready. Work is often a full day thing for Sophie and takes her all over the world. If she’s attending an awards ceremony or making a TV appearance, she’ll be in hair and makeup, and if she’s filming she can be on set for hours reshooting the same thing and learning scripts. 

5:00 PM



Sophie loves a bath in the evening, no matter where she is. She has a shower first to get clean and then runs a bath filled with lavender and Epsom salts to de-stress and relax. Once a week she uses Wellplex Bond Protector because she bleaches her hair a lot and needs to restore the moisture in her hair.

An important part of her evening routine is journaling before bed, she tries to do that as often as possible, as it was recommended to her to help her sleep. More often than not, she can be found listening to a White Noise app to help her switch off and get some sleep.




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