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When we were younger, screaming and scrambling over the Spice Girls, I didn’t want to be ‘Posh Spice’. I was firmly in the Baby Spice group, I had no interest in Victoria Beckham, in her moody outfits, and dark hair. I never knew how that opinion would change as I got older. How I’d respect ‘Posh Spice’ most of all, for her family life, her business ethics, her dedication and determination, and how she holds herself to incredibly high standards, no matter what.

She’s not shallow, she’s down-to-earth – especially when it comes to taking the kids to school and picking them up from after-school clubs. She’s a workhorse, making time to rush off to Paris after seeing one of her kids in a play, or going across the world and leaving her husband at home to cook, clean, bathe the kids, and live a semi-normal life.

Victoria Beckham’s life has inspired me in my 27th year.

She’s busy, and she can still make time to be a great mom, to work hard, to work out, to eat right, and to take care of herself. She proves that it’s possible if you dedicate yourself and cut the things that you don’t need.

Planning your day like Victoria Beckham requires you to think of yourself as a force to be reckoned with. Victoria gets up early, works out, travels the world, works, and still has time to spend with her husband and her kids. It’s something most of us think of as bloody impossible, but it’s not. Victoria might have a team behind her, but she’s still going, front and center and behind the scenes.

She shared her daily routine with the Guardian, and it blew us all away.


5:30 AM:



First thing’s first, you need to start getting up earlier. Victoria Beckham gets up between 5:30 and 6 am. This is so she can spend some time on herself before the school run. Her day starts earlier than most people’s, because she needs some time and space to get herself ready before the full-on day begins.

Once she’s out of bed, she gets herself ready quickly to start working out. Workouts are a really important slice of Victoria’s day. If you want to plan your day like Victoria, see how much earlier you can set your alarm for and wake up with a plan in mind. The early hours of the morning are a perfect excuse to start working on your goals and making magic happen.


6:00 AM:




Working out is an important part of Victoria’s life before her day has begun she’s already working out. She starts with 7k on the treadmill and uses this time to watch boxsets and documentaries. It takes her around 45 minutes. She fits in an hour in the morning, and whenever she has free time throughout the day she works out with a trainer, 30 minutes legs, 30 minutes arms, toning and conditioning, strength and core training and then she’s ready to go. She works out every day when she’s at home, sometimes pausing her workout to take the kids to school and then coming home straight afterward.

What we can learn from this is that no matter how busy you think your life is, there is always time to work out. When Victoria is traveling she tries to fit in as much of a workout as she can. You have to be very disciplined to plan your day like Victoria, but it obviously works. If you’re starting your fitness journey now don’t worry, there’s a whole year ahead of you to smash, so if you need a little more help, start logging your fitness goals and where you want to be in the Fit Is The Sh*t planner.


8:00 AM:



This is really where planning your day comes into play. Victoria’s life requires her to be on track, and to stay on track. She doesn’t pretend to eat whatever she wants. She plans her meals carefully in the morning and admits that cooking is more of her husband’s thing. In the morning before breakfast, she has apple cider vinegar, “Be brave! Two tbsp first thing on an empty tummy!” she revealed on Instagram. Use the Getting Stuff Done planner’s handy meal prep section to make sure you stay on track, eat clean, and don’t forget to take your vitamins. Being disciplined requires some prep.

Then, she makes herself and her family one of her signature ‘green monster’ smoothies. She takes a mix of chopped apple, kiwi, lemon, spinach, broccoli, and Chia Seeds and blends them all in her Nutribullet, then has a bowl of sprouted grain cereal (wheat, barley, beans, lentils etc) with unsweetened organic almond milk. For other meals, she’ll usually pair a fish like salmon with greens, and also has a huge love of sushi. We expect she has some next-level meal planning (possibly even a chef!) but to plan like her, you need to be strict with your diet too.

She also takes collagen pills and vitamins and eats a spoonful of pollen each day. “I am very, very disciplined in the way that I work out, in what I eat. That’s how I’m happiest. I expect a lot from my body – I’m 44, I’ve got four kids, I work a lot, I travel. For me to do all that, I have to eat healthily and work out.” she told The Guardian.


9:00 AM:



Victoria is extremely hands-on with her fashion line, as well as being the frontwoman (and expected to wear her pieces when she’s snapped out and about) she is also behind the scenes. In her Battersea studio, she has around 80 people in the studio, including seamstresses and an e-commerce team. She checks all aspects of her collection shows, music, floor plans, set designs, samples etcetera, shoots the video herself, bounces ideas to her team and is there all day when she can be.

“From the minute I get to work, it’s pretty nonstop. I have to be. I’ve got to be super focused.” she told Harpers Bazaar. On the way to work, Victoria usually lays out her day in a variety of ways. While she has a team who helps manage her busy calendar and remind her of where she needs to be, she also has a diary that contains all her upcoming plans. I’m taking a leaf out of Victoria’s book and using my Goals 2019 Diary to lay out all my plans and goals, but the Getting Stuff Done planner will also help you get ahead of your day, especially if you spend some time really working through the sections and deciding what you want to do, what you’re making time for, and how you’re going to do it.


13:00 PM:



Victoria is super busy, and likes to leave work at 4 PM to be with her kids. To make this happen, she admits that she mostly takes a working lunch with her team. ‘I enjoy eating healthily,’ she admitted. ‘And I’m in the fortunate position where it’s easy for me. I can afford to eat well.

‘I expect a lot from my body and I’m never sick. You have to be kind to your body if you expect a lot from it.’ She’ll have one of her favorites like salmon and greens and eat while working because she needs to get a lot done before she can leave the office.

17:00 PM:



When she’s working at the office, Victoria leaves at 4 pm to make sure she’s in time to pick up the children, give them their dinner, take them to their after-school activities and do homework. After that, she’ll usually go for dinner at 7 pm. Maybe this comes from her dislike of cooking, but she loves Nobu’s, Italian, and French. She’ll make it a date night with David or take the kids on a family dinner.

After dinner, it’s TV time, which she admits is usually kids TV programs, and then once the younger ones are in bed, she starts working again but from home.

19:00 PM:



It sounds like a relatively normal life, but it’s a reminder that even in someone as busy and as public as Victoria’s life, there has to be time for normalcy. There has to be time to spend with family and friends. So you sometimes need a reminder that even when you’re working flat out on being your best self, showing up to work with ideas and a vision, working out, and eating right, you need to work at your relationships too. 

Victoria also takes time in the evening for self-care and takes really good care of her skin. She uses Sarah Chapman skincare products. “The only face wipes that actually take off all my makeup are the Bioderma ones,” she told Into The Gloss and afterward, she takes some time taking care of her skin, using her favorite products and setting herself up for a successful day. Plan your day like Victoria Beckham and use the Getting Stuff Done planner to make time for what’s important. Remind yourself to drink enough water, to work out, and to get all your to-dos done.




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