How To Plan Your Day When You Work From Home

Wondering how to make working from home work for you? Whether you’re new to working from home or simply need some tips on how to plan your day, we’ve got it covered. Here are some techniques to help you plan my day and stay on track. 

Create some desk goals

It’s easier to get into a routine if you have a specific desk in the house that is your area while you work. Ideally, you want to convert a spare room into a home office, but otherwise, a part of the dining room/lounge/bedroom can work just as well. Try to find some space for your laptop and your notes and journals, no matter how small.

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Be stricter with your time

When working from home, home life can easily encroach on your professional life or you can end up working until late in the night without really noticing. So set a routine and ensure to include a lunch hour or half hour to relax and stretch your legs in.

Whether you work from nine to five, five to midnight, midnight to seven AM, or beyond the typical eight-hour day, you must set your work hours. It will give you a routine to follow. Most importantly, it will offer you a work structure for you to continue to work from home.


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Find out which planner suits you

What you really need is a planner that will help you structure your to-dos, goals, and work with the kind of planner you are. Read this article to find out which planner suits you according to your personality type, if you need help choosing.

A daily planner can help you create structure in the day to day, but if you need something to help you see the bigger picture – you can combine a daily planner with a weekly desk pad. Find out how to make working from home work for you here.

Banish the ‘P’ word

One of the worst enemies for someone working from home is procrastination. Suddenly, you think of many tasks around the home that requires your attention. But trust me, stop watering the plants and pay attention. Putting off work until the last minute can cost you clients, income and/or time you could have spent on yourself.

Know what you must do during your work hours, and do it. Accomplish your tasks. Get things done. Then do it again tomorrow. Achieving your goals will help you get tasks done in time and also cause less stress. Most important of all, stick to your routine. This is your job and your life, and you’re in charge.

Track your time if you lose focus

Time tracking apps are very useful to help you make the most of your working hours. It can also help you track how many hours you have spent on a project, so can help you to decide how many hours you need to bill for.
There are several great apps for doing this, and you may look around for a while to find the best one for you. Just find one that makes it easy to track time, and set yourself regular breaks throughout the day.


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