How To Make A Plan For Your Life And Get Everything You Want

If I look back to the person I was in 2014, I barely recognize her. She had dreams and goals, but no idea how to set them in motion. The year that made all the difference for her was the year she decided to live 365 days fearlessly and did that by leaping into every opportunity. But once opportunity struck, she got stuck. That’s where I am now, setting and smashing goals, living my best life, and forgetting to take a moment to look around and admire how far I’ve come.

As a twenty-something, this is a relatable story. We spend more time on Pinterest pinning the ‘dream life’ than finding ways to live it, but actually, if you take a moment to stop and look around, everything you want is achievable. You can do it, you just need a life plan and the power to get it done.

Remember that the power to make changes lies with you. Sometimes, you need a reminder to keep it going. I know that one thing that changed my perception in the recent months has been vision boards, visualization, and constant reminders of which goals I want to smash.

D R E A M  I T 

There are many layers to a life plan. The first would be to write it down. Get your notebook out, and start with ‘My Dream Life’. Your dream life shouldn’t be about material possessions, when I was fourteen I wanted to live like Lauren Conrad and get a designer bag from my boyfriend, rolling around in a car with the top down. That was my dream life. But that wasn’t real, and it wouldn’t have made me happy – but don’t tell 14-year-old Beth that.

Start with the things that will actually make your life a dream. The people, places, and things you want to surround yourself with. The feeling you want to get when you wake up in the morning. The city you want to visit. The work you want to do. Every little detail can be listed. This is your life plan.

V I Z U A L I Z E  I T 

There’s a reason why vision boards are so important, even for the less creative and visual orientated person. Finding photographs that invoke the feeling of confidence, success, and create a strong connection with the life you want to live will help you. This vision board will keep you on track when times get tough, will remind you why you’re doing this, and will help you to smash those goals later.

The best way to do this would be to start collecting things that remind you of the life you want to lead. Images of how you want to feel, pictures that represent the goals you want to achieve whether it’s to buy a house or go on a trip, or something crazy like bungee jump over the grand canyon.

D O  I T

Now, how are you actually going to do that? How are you going to bring your vision for a dream life to life in 365 days? How are you going to make steps towards who you want to become? The best way to do that is to start with small and actionable goals. Like, starting your driving license if you’ve been meaning to. Saving money if you want to buy a house, for example.

To get it done, you just need a plan. You can use the Goals 2019 Diary to plan your big goals month by month and then go into details with an hourly plan of your day, this is actually the best way to do it. Since every time you go to put something in your monthly calendar, you’ll find a reminder of everything you wanted to achieve right there. And can then create an action plan from that.

D R E A M  B I G G E R

The key to living your dream life is to celebrate those little goals you get ticked off along the way, the minor accomplishments that will lead you to those bigger goals and dreams. Saving money for a deposit, for example. Booking that dream trip. Write it all down and tick it off, the sense of satisfaction you’ll get every time you achieve something will encourage you to dream bigger every single time.

And don’t get stuck if you do find yourself a completely changed person from the one you were years ago, you just need to dream bigger and push yourself to go further. Set yourself a new set of goals, edit that vision board and constantly check in with yourself. Are you enjoying every minute? Are you where you thought you’d be?


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