The Happiness Plan: How To Plan Your Week Like A Go-Getter


Wondering how to plan your week to be happier? Sometimes to bring happiness into your life you need to make it a conscious decision. If you plan your week to be a go-getter and stop letting negative thoughts get you down, even the longest, most stressful day can become an opportunity for happiness. For example, if you’re working hard, why let it seep into your life by carrying stress around with you?

I’ve started planning my week around happiness, scheduling one thing a day and putting it in my planner to help me get my life together. Here’s how…


FRIDAY: Be proactive with the things that make you happy!

After work on a Friday, I make sure to do something I enjoy. I’ll schedule alone time before I go out with my friends as well because I think it’s important for me to be comfortable doing something I love by myself. Do you want to go to a movie alone? Do it. That book you’ve wanted to read forever? Start reading it.

A lot of people I know get home on Friday and just collapse on the couch, but it’s really important to remember to schedule in something that makes you happy! And I don’t just mean watching Netflix, something proactive, some goal or achievement you need to tick off.

SATURDAY: Plan your three essentials for happiness

Tom Bodett once said, “The three grand essentials of happiness are: Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.” Think of the things in your life you’re looking forward to; and if there aren’t any, start planning for the future. Are you looking forward to a trip you’re taking? Are you going for a promotion at work? Pick a point in the future and get excited about the adventures future-you will go on.

SUNDAY: Create your work week happiness plan

Don’t worry about every hour of the day, but look at your week critically. What do you want to achieve? What are you inspired to get done? This might not make you feel happy in the short-term, but the overall sense of purpose (and accomplishment, when you’ve achieved your goals) will come to light all week long!

Write a happiness trigger at the top of your week plan, which could be something as simple as making a call to your family, so you remember to keep the happy thoughts and feelings going.

MONDAY: Make time to connect

Call your mother. Send a long catch-up email to that friend you’ve fallen out of touch with. Text someone plans for coffee, and keep them. Having people who make you feel connected with is so important for happiness! After a stressful day make sure to call one person and have a chat with them, it’ll boost your mood massively and make you feel good.

TUESDAY: Pay it forward

Tuesday I tend to feel a little bit lacking in energy, so I try to remember to pay some happiness forward. I write ‘pay it forward’ in my planner and try to remember it. It doesn’t need to be something life-changing; put a dollar in that musician’s open case, give a stranger a compliment, make tea for a hard-working colleague. The fastest way to feel a spark of joy is to inspire it in other people!

WEDNESDAY: Work on yourself

On Wednesday, it can feel like the week is escaping you and it can create that ‘hump day’ feeling. Download a meditation app (Calm and Headspace are Career Girl Daily favorites!) and take 10 minutes a day to concentrate on your breathing and re-center. You might be surprised by the thoughts that creep into your brain when it knows you’re really listening!

THURSDAY: Sweat it out

In the eternal words of Elle Woods: ‘Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” You might be red-faced and sweaty while it’s happening (believe me, I’ve been there). Schedule in a class and force yourself to go, once it’s done take a few minutes to congratulate yourself – you’ll feel amazing and be surprised what your body can do. You’re stronger than you think! Happiness all week!



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  1. loved this post, some really lovely ideas to break the work week up into manageable chunks!

    katie. xx

  2. This was a really great post! I loved the ideas for each day, I will definitely be using this as I plan my weeks!


  3. Loving the idea of this weekly plan. Especially wonderful idea to schedule some happiness of Fridays :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. This is great! I love it! I will be adding some of these to my planner.
    Michelle xx |

  5. I really enjoyed this post and how each day is broken down into something new. This is something that I am going to add to my daily life.


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