How To Plan The Most Successful Year According To Your Horoscope

Well, the new year is here. So it’s time to start putting all your dreams into practice and working for what you actually want. Often, this means making big changes to the way you react to things and how you approach tasks, you need to realize that you are always possible of changing and growing, you just have to be strict with yourself to make it happen. You can always reflect on how your personality type will affect your success for 2019 here too.

With that in mind, it’s sometimes nice to hear how the stars will align in your favor this year and what you need to do to make your success happen. Let’s see what the stars have in store for you this year, and how you can use it to plan your best year yet!


(21/3 – 19/4)

Being an Aries, you always strive to be the first. You’re assertive, straightforward, loyal, and fearless and a natural-born leader. This year will really push your ambitious side and you’ll learn the ways you need to change your life if you want to hit your goals. If you want to get ahead, you’ll need to make a plan that fits your ambitions. Start by thinking about the goal you want to hit, and then break it down by month. Your career is important to you this year, and if you’ve been dreaming about making big changes, now is the time to put them into practice.

The Goals 2020 Diary will be your biggest asset, because not only will you need to be focused and determined, you’ll need to make time for yourself and the people around you. You need to work harder at being part of your team, build stronger relationships in life and at work and if you decide to be more focused, controlled, and even-tempered, a world of opportunities await.


(20/4  – 20/5)

This year, you need to behold the beauty around you. If you want to make the most of what you’re achieving, you’ll need to learn to be more grateful and try to spot the small moments in every day. This year, you’ll need confidence and positivity to achieve everything that you’ve got in mind, and one way to boost both is to try to be more grateful. Use the Getting Stuff Done planner to kick this off. Your quote of the day should be meaningful and encourage reflection.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, remember that your knowledge needs to grow before you take the leap. That doesn’t mean you should put it off, but you should make sure you know what you need to do yourself to avoid spending money on things that aren’t necessary. You’ll need to follow through on your reputation as a responsible and hard-working individual by pushing yourself just a little bit harder this year.


(21/5 – 20/6)

You can be quite unpredictable by nature, and people who know you have trouble guessing what you’re thinking. You are a natural leader and at work, struggle to have someone standing over you or telling you what you can do, but this year, you need to plan to cool off a little bit and embrace your soft side. Plan to build a team and work together with them, whether it’s at work or outside of it.

Think about how you can become the best version of yourself by addressing your strengths and weaknesses and working towards them all the time. It might be a good idea to use the Stress Less Journal to track your progress in this. Plan to make improvements and seek feedback at every turn, and before you know it, your own success will be right in front of you.

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(21/6 – 22/7)

If you felt as though 2018 didn’t work out for you, don’t worry. 2019 is your time to shine. Your dreams will come true if you know how to plan for them better. Last year, your expectations were too high and you didn’t follow through on a lot of the things you wanted, but this year the stakes are higher, which means you need to really plan your success, in-depth. Think about how you’re going to smash your goal, not just now, but every day from now.

From the first day of 2019 to the final day, you need to be working towards becoming a better version of yourself, you can do that by grounding your goals in something real and working out how you’re going to hit them. This is a chance for you to get the recognition you deserve, also. Take a minute to think about how far you’ve come and don’t be afraid to celebrate your success this year, your superiors will notice this.



(23/7 – 22/8)

You have a gift of seeing the beauty in everything, and usually, you dominate the room. That’s because you are straightforward and don’t try too hard to fit in, you can see people’s weaknesses and strengths keenly and you’re always trying to find ways to make them push themselves to the best of their abilities. You can be impatient and critical, but that’s because you always want the best. In 2019, you need to focus on how you can make your harsher qualities work in your favor. You need to turn these into strengths, accept and admit your weaknesses and keep doing your best.

You are driven to succeed, and always passionate about what you do. You like to know what makes things tick and how you can improve them. If you want to change careers, open a business, or even turn to a creative outlet as a career, you’ll be able to achieve this in 2019. Because you’re stubborn and motivated, you’ll be able to get your head down and make it work. So if you have a dream, this year is the year to follow it.



(23/8 – 22/9)

You are analytical and precise. Which means you always think before speaking and play by the rules. You may already have noticed, but you’ve got an impeccable eye, and can tell when someones motives might not be in line with your own. This gives you an edge in your career because you already know who to trust. Because you are so analytical, you may be held back this year, spending too much time studying and not enough time doing what you need to.

What you need to do, to make 2019 yours, is to try to cut back the amount of time you consider something. You can still pull problems apart like a puzzle and figure them out, but you just need to do it faster. You’ll realize that your problem-solving skills make you an excellent manager and leader, which will open up opportunities for you in business and in your career.



(23/9 – 22/10)

You respect fairness and balance, and you’re a true romantic. This doesn’t just mean you’re in love, but that you appreciate and respect relationships. This makes you a great conflict mediator, from settling disputes between friends or negotiating at work. You put a lot of energy into everything you do, and this energy is crucial if you want to make 2019 a success. The year ahead promises to be interesting and satisfying if you keep doing what you’re doing.

You just need to spot opportunities as they come your way, you are naturally likable, so people will gravitate towards you. Look for an unusual opportunity that strikes around the middle of the year, and make the most of it. You also need to remember to speak up and be recognized for your efforts, as last year a lot of what you did went unnoticed. Use the Win At Life to track how you’re doing and looking after yourself. You are often at your best when you are challenged or under pressure in this way, therefore you will shine brightly. Don’t worry about your performance; just concentrate on enjoying your efforts and the way you present yourself, and you will be extremely impressive.



(23/10 to 21/11)

You are definitely a person who relies more on body language than words. You have walls up around you, and it takes a long time for people to get through them. In order to make 2019 a success, you need to dig deep and use what makes you unique to actually further your success. Revealing more of yourself will open up new friendships and surprise colleagues. You’ll also need to learn to stop being silent when you don’t know the answer and admit your mistakes and weaknesses much more freely.

There is a lot of change and maybe even some drama in your career this year, but you need to plan for it by writing down what you want, and forgetting the rest. You need to think about the business you work for, the weaknesses they have and where you fit in. You can make a twelve-month plan for yourself in the Goals 2020 Diary, and figure out where you’re going to be and how you’re going to achieve it. This will be the best way to make your dreams come true this year.



(23/10 – 21/11)

Your adventurous spirit will carry you through 2019, you should bolster yourself and feel bold and brave to try new things. The further you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the more successful you will be. In the past, you were often held back by indecision and impatience, but you have overcome some of the reasons for that recently. Part of your reason for being impatient in the past was that you have little tolerance for boredom or the dull moments in life, but you have managed to rein in yourself in that respect and you are now more “mature” and wiser in your approach to your goals. This will benefit you enormously this year.

You are a people person, which will come in handy with your career and finances this year. You will find an unlikely mentor this year, and start to think about your career in a way you hadn’t before. There will be some learning curves in the way, of course, but you’ll ultimately learn some great tips in creating financial security and striking out on your own.



(22/12 – 19/1)

You are a go-getter, and you overcome challenges and obstacles easily. You’re often known as a hard worker, nothing stands in your way. But this year, you want to step back and shake off that reputation. You don’t want to be a hard worker, you want to be a smart worker. You have an agile mind, and you want people to see your other strengths and qualities, besides the fact that you’ll throw yourself into any task and keep going until it’s perfect. You are a realist, but you’re also a dreamer, so this year your goals need to be firmly grounded in realistic hopes and expectations. Work on your self-confidence, and try to remember that before you start working hard on a task, you need to step back and think about what you need to do and how you’re going to approach it.

This is going to be a vibrant, fun, and stressful year. It’s going to push you to your limits, and teach you to challenge yourself. There’s so much that can happen when you push yourself harder and armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to make things happen and make 2019 amazing. Try the Project Book to stay on top with everything you need to do.



(20/1 – 18/2)

As an Aquarius, you are fiercely independent. You are curious and always thinking about other things, which will help you in 2019. You always need a good plan, which is why you would benefit from sitting down with the Getting Stuff Done planner and writing down your daily plan every day, this way you’re on top of everything you need to do and can track your meal prep and more. There is a great potential for you this year, it will be stable and not too crazy, which is good because you are a visionary. Your stable year will open you up to new opportunities, to mentoring people, and pursuing a side hobby or business.

You can also start to make good decisions with your money, but you just need to be properly educated on this and learn what you actually need to do with it. There will be no big surprises for you this year, but with the right plan, you can stay on top of everything.



(19/2 – 20/3)

You are highly emotional, Pisces. Your intuition tends to lead you through life, and your heart is always in the right place. This makes you an asset at work and in relationships, you’re a very encouraging person. You are meant to smash your goals in 2019, and nothing can hold you back. Your career and your finances have seen their share of ups and downs. But the most important thing is not to lose confidence. If you make a clear financial (and career) plan for yourself and follow it this year, everything will be stable and steady and you can expect great success.

Having the room to grow and learn will also help to make you more confident, and open you up to huge possibilities. Learn as much as you can, take classes and try to play it smart. You’ll find yourself in a much more powerful position before the end of the year, both financial and in your career.


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