How to prepare for an interview: 4 tips to impress your interviewer

So we all know that interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for some people, so to help you prepare we have put together some hints and tips. The more  comfortable you feel.. The better you will perform! Remember that you have been picked for a reason…

how to prepare an interview

When you hear from the company, that you have been invited for an interview you need to start preparing straight away, so it is good to ask what to expect on the day.

#1 – Are you the #careergirl for the job?
Experience provides the best predictor of whether a person can do a job, and the best technique to get all the information from a candidate is to use STAR model. Interviewers will be looking for you to give an example of what YOUR responsibilities were in the situation that you are describing by using competency based questions.

S Situation
T Task
A Action
R Result

e.g. Can you give me an example from your most recent role when you have had to work to a deadline? Interviewers may probe into your answer to ensure they get enough depth to the question:

S Why did you have this deadline?
T What was your specific role in the task?
A What did you do to ensure you met the deadline?
R What was the end result?

#2 – Why they should choose you!
Motivational questions are used to find out what makes you tick and to see if the role suits your chosen career path, aspirations, industry etc.

Typical motivational questions would be:
– Why are you interested in this position?
– What do you find frustrating in your current role?
– What type of management style gets the most out of you at work?
– What do you want to work for us?

#3 – Now let’s prepare!
You can practice before you go to your interview by thinking of specific examples where you have been challenged or demonstrated a certain skill. This will give you an idea of what to use as examples to the questions.

Here are a few things to consider:
– Passion and motivation
– Communication skills
– What interests you about the position?
– Career aspirations – what is your goal?
– Organisational and prioritising ability
– Honesty and reliability
– Business awareness/ company knowledge
– Pro–activity rather than reactivity

#4- Prepare a list of questions
You will need to make sure that you read through and understand the job description/advertisement. Write a list of questions regarding the role as this is your opportunity to find out more about the position and so you can make an informed decision if they offer you the role.

Good Luck!

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xx CGD

  1. By chance I have an interview tomorrow and I’ve been stressing but this has put me at ease a little bit! Thanks for the good advice.

  2. I think another tip is to turn up early but not too early – you want to look keen but you don’t want to put them at an inconvenience. I tend to find the building 30-40 minutes before my interview, then go for a walk to clear my head/get a coffee and then head back 10-15 minutes before.

    Lizzie Dripping

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