How To Program Your Mind For Success

photo: Collage Vintage


Many people think that success ‘just happens.’ We’re so keen to get quick tips on how to be successful or wishing that success happened in an instant. But more often than not, we don’t realize that success comes from hard work and a tinge of self-confidence. If you’re struggling in this area then we have good news for you! One of the ways that you can begin reaping success in your life is by programming your mind for success. Here are four ways that will show you how to program your mind for success!

1. Silence negative thoughts

The number one enemy that stops us from achieving success is our mind, especially when dealing with frustrating thoughts that cause us more harm than good. Perhaps one of your goals is to go on a solo trip to Japan but you find yourself procrastinating because you’re worried about traveling alone. When I face this situation, one of the ways that I silence these negative thoughts is to rebel against these thoughts. If my mind tells me that I can’t do something, I will go ahead and do it. Going against those negative thoughts not only shatters your fears but sets you up to face future challenges head on!


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2. Make healthier decisions

Healthier decisions don’t just include the food we put into our bodies. It also includes making healthy decisions for your mind and soul. It could even be as simple as sleeping an hour earlier every night. This will allow you to clock in some rest to mend your mind and body. Or you can even think about a friendship that no longer brings you joy and fulfillment. Small, healthy decisions have long-term benefits and it takes practice to cultivate these good decision-making habits in order to reap a successful lifestyle.


3. Live successfully on purpose

Ever heard of the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’? On days when you don’t feel your best, dress up, swipe on some lipstick and pretend that you are the living the successful life that you usually dream about. In doing so it activates your mind to dwell on the positives and sets your brain to live intentionally. So, imagine yourself as the successful woman that you want to be and start living like you’ve already become that person. You’ll feel the difference, sooner than you think.


4. Be thankful

Lastly, cultivating gratitude is the most important key that you need to program your mind for success. If we constantly compare ourselves with others or gripe about how our life sucks, we will drain our emotional and mental energy fast. The energy that we could put to good use instead! At the end of each day, list five things that you are thankful for and continue keeping gratitude as a habit.

Success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Just as how a runner would prepare for a marathon, cultivating these four keys is essential to setting yourself up for success while putting in the hard work that’s required. Give it time and you’ll see your future turning out positively, thanks to great habits and a positive mindset.


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