3 Steps For Success You Need To Try This Week


I’ve learned a lot about setting smart goals in the three years since CGD was born. Learning how to reach goals in life can be a hard task. Sometimes you have to weigh up whether a specific goal is actually worth your time. And scrap the ones that will just linger over your head and never get done.

When it comes to those big goals and dreams, it’s better to break them down into actionable steps. The secret to achieving your biggest goals and dreams is to learn at least one new skill per month that will help you work towards them. I’ve been using Skillshare for years to help me get ahead in the working world and achieve any goal I set my mind to. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Listen to the rule of five

Say for example one of your biggest goals this year is to launch your own business. The rule of five states that for every big goal, you need five actionable steps that you can work on. I use Skillshare to find out where I can build skills that will help me tick off my action points faster.

Skillshare for me has been a huge life saver when I need to learn about something fast. Whether it’s DSLR photography or digital marketing, I can easily sign up for a class and learn on the go. Usually, Skillshare costs $8.25 per month, but you can get 2 months for free by clicking here. You should definitely try it if you’ve got massive goals to smash.

2. Try time theming

One thing that saved me so much time was Time Theming. It’s so tempting to forget about your big dreams or goals when you’ve got an entire day of work and chores at home battling for your time. Mike Vardy, the Managing editor of Lifehack, has an amazing class on Skillshare that teaches you how to actually get stuff done.

Time theming is the art of giving your day a ‘theme’. Group together your work to personal tasks to make life simpler. The tips and tricks you’ll learn to take your to-dos to the next level will free up so much time to work on your bigger goals and achievements.

3. Turn inspiration into action

To learn how to turn your inspiration into action, you need to know which ideas to listen to and how to instantly act on them. Tanner Christiansen’s class on turning ideas into action (therefore actually getting stuff done!) was a serious game changer for me. I have a huge motivation boost right now to create so many cool things, I loved every minute of it. Not only does Tanner give you a productivity overhaul, he also shares apps, books, and class projects that will change the way you think about your ideas and help you turn them into actionable goals.

Skillshare has over 17,000 classes so you can learn everything from art to coding. It’s one of the essential subscriptions I have at the moment and helps me in every area of life. Try it yourself with a full two months free membership here!

Photographed by Career Girl Daily at The Dorsett Hotel. Makeup by Jana Pirosko.


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  1. I’ve never heard of time theming before! Sounds really interesting, I’m gonna give it a try! Thanks for this X

  2. I enjoyed your article Beth!

    I also think ‘Time Theming’ is the way to go, also heard it called ‘Time Blocking’.

    It’s so hard to get everything done in a day, week, month.

    From work to house to social to me time.

    Reassuring to read your words.


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