How To Relax When You’ve Worked Hard All Week

If you asked me a couple of months how to relax after a stressful day then I would have replied asking if there was such a thing? Switching off from work is hard when you love your job and you want to do well. It goes beyond those part-time jobs you used to work to get by, it’s your career now and leaving it is like leaving your baby. So no, I didn’t know how to ‘wind down’ after a long week, let alone a long day. But if there’s one thing I learned pretty quickly it was that you need to, otherwise you will burn out.

I found this out the hard way, but once you find a balance it really feels like you can have it all after all.

1. See the world

One of my biggest problems was that I worked in an amazing city but never saw it. I would wake up, go to work and come home, eat and sleep. I never did anything. My weekends were made up of my laptop and bed. Before I knew it months were going by and I never appreciated what was around me. I never stopped to smell the roses. And that’s what’s the most important. The days go by too quick and before you know life is literally passing you by. So don’t miss another second. Go out, take a walk, it will help put you in a relaxed state and keep you away from those emails!

2. Treat yourself

This is something I’m too good at and I don’t necessarily have a massive bank account to always treat myself. But online shopping seriously relaxes me, whether I have the money or not. I always scroll through the sites and add things to my basket as I go along, it keeps me away from work and gets me excited about where I’m going to wear that outfit. When I get to the end I pick my favorites that fit with what I can afford. Because every girl needs to treat herself once in a while!

3. Start something new

My latest thing is trying to be healthy – not shedding ten pounds in a week healthy, but clean living. From this, I wanted to do something new and exciting that I haven’t tried before; self-defence classes. I think being a woman I would feel safer knowing I can protect myself, whilst also working out and having fun with friends at the same time. So try something you wouldn’t usually go for and surprise yourself with the fun you will have.

4. Use your weekends

If there’s one thing I’m guilty of doing is wasting my weekends. When I’ve finally put the laptop down I bury myself under the duvet and catch up on a week’s worth of bed time. But you can only do this so many times, and recently I’ve discovered waking up earlier on the weekends and going off and doing something leaves me much more fulfilled. For some, money might be an issue, but there are many things you can do with friends that cost you nothing at all – get creative and enjoy your weekends again!

5. Lose yourself in a new world

If there’s one good way to really relax it’s chilling out with a book. My tired mind usually cannot even cope with reading a title let alone a page. But it’s an excuse to say you don’t have any time. There comes a point where you have to put work down and enjoy your time. Even if it’s as simple as reading a book or watching a movie. Lose yourself for a couple of hours and get back to you!



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  • Natalie Harney

    Love this. I really struggle to wind down as someone with two jobs, and who just wants to be making all the time, but it is so important. I definitely agree with the struggle of being in a great city and not seeing it enough – perhaps a gallery trip should be on the cards for this weekend

    – Natalie

  • Elizabeth T

    Loving all of these tips! It’s so true that weeks can pass by, only to realize that you’ve been working and working nonstop! Thank you so much for sharing all of these little tips! <3 :)

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Hannah C.

    These are great tips, just what I needed.

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

  • astintabroad

    Great post! I struggle with this too after a long stressful week. Keeping my mind off of work is difficult but, I make attempts :)