5 Ways To Relax When You Only Have 5 Minutes


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We’ve all been there, business takes hold and you run out of time to relax and refresh. Maybe you ate your lunch at the desk because you love your job you’re busy all the time. Which is great, but you don’t have much time to get yourself together. I have that a lot, especially with the Career Girl Academy the other weekend. I love my job because I feel so busy and fulfilled, but sometimes I forget to relax – which means after a few weeks I can feel really all over the place and unorganized.

Luckily there are a few genius ways I can calm it down in just five minutes.

1. Refresh your eyes

When you’re stressed, you tend to forget the effect it can have on your body. One thing we all do when we’re stressed is close our eyes or put our head in our hands, which could be because our eyes are feeling dry from staring at a screen all day (which we all do!). I didn’t know that we can blink up to 60% less when staring at a screen! You might not even know that your screen is the reason you can’t relax.

An eye spray like Optrex ActiMist 2 in 1 Eye Spray will help repair your eye’s moisture barrier, refresh and reset your dry eyes and won’t ruin your makeup. I keep a bottle next to my computer to remind myself to use it. It’s so refreshing, lasts up to four hours, can be used by contact lens wearers and helps to fix dry eyes after a whole day of staring at the screen. It’s an underrated star product that I always bring with me in my handbag. You can even take a test to find out what type of dry eyes you have here.



2. Focus on your reflex points

If you ever want to relax in a pinch, get a hand cream and give yourself a reflex massage. You can do this at your desk without it looking suspicious, just run your thumb along your palm and put some pressure there, swap hands and take a deep breath while you do it. This kind of massage can actually relieve stress and help you relax.

3. Bring citrus into your life

If you do anything, make sure you bring citrus scents with you. If you have a refreshing spray, perfume, or room spray to hand, try to get it to have a zesty scent. I always rely on my citrus candles and sprays to reduce feelings of stress; somehow it makes me feel so productive and also super relaxed in a short space of time. You can also grab a candle with lavender scents and take a deep breath to calm down.


4. Try progressive relaxation

Progressive relaxation is the best technique to use if you need to get calm quick. If something super stressful happens or you suddenly feel as if it’s getting too much, pick a body part and start by tensing and releasing the muscles. Move through all the muscles you can tense and release comfortably. Try squeezing your shoulder blades together and then rolling them down. You can do all your work tasks while you do this, and once you’re done, you’ll feel a lot less tense.

5. Schedule your stress

If you can’t relax because you’re worried about everything, one tip that therapists swear by is to actually schedule time for your stress and worries. If you tell yourself that on Thursday from 6:30 until 7:00 pm you will be sitting down, writing all your fears down and giving yourself time to think them through, you won’t be carrying it all around with you, meaning you can clear out your mental clutter and actually relax while you’re getting things done!

Model Ann Tye photographed by Career Girl Daily at The Bermondsey Square Hotel


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  1. So many great tips! I will have to try the spray because I stare at a computer screen all day too


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