How to relax when you feel stressed: Triple Oxygen Facial

This week, I went to the Bliss Spa on Sloane Avenue in London. After a long, busy and stressful week I decided I needed a break and some pampering. Oprah Winfrey called Bliss the best facial she’s ever had, and now I know why. Your skin will thank you for a blissful treatment from and I can’t wait to go back for another treatment.

Woman Getting Facial

The Bliss Spa is a very welcoming space – all cool blues and frosty whites. It looks like a spa from the future. After checking in at the reception,  I was taken downstairs to the changing area where you get a modern locker and a fluffy robe and flip flops to prepare for your treatment. I changed and made my way into the lounge room, which had cool blue walls, comfortable cushions and a table with a cake stand of cheese, grapes and some very luxurious brownies.blissspa

Next my therapist came in and introduced herself and  took me into the treatment room which was smallish, very clean and of a comfortable temperature. She started by looking at my skin, then got to work cleansing and exfoliating my face in turn with wrapping my face in hot towels. Then came the fruit acid wash, which tingled slightly but wasn’t uncomfortable while she gave me a relaxing hand massage.

The first of the triple oxygen treatments was the oxygen wrap where your face is slathered in the face mask, wrapped in plastic and hot towels, with just a small opening for your nose to prevent suffocation. I was treated to an arm and foot massage which was thorough and stress-busting while the wrap got to work.  The extraction was next where she cleans your pores. The second oxygen treatment was an enzyme pack that fizzed all over my face. The oxygen spray finished off the treatment. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your face literally. Everything smelt and felt delicious with the addition of feeling beneficial to my weary skin and eyes. The oxygen was the most exciting: because it literally felt like fresh air for your face! After heavenly 85 minutes I had to face the world, luckily with a glossy new face.

I lounged around in the spa for a bit afterwards nibbled on some cheeses before going back home

My skin looked amazing! Glowy shiny. Who needs makeup? I think that having a facial every 2-3 months helps to ‘boost’ your skin – and also makes you feel a bit more motivated to treat your skin well.

The Tryple Oxygen treatment lasts 85 minutes and costs £150.
Bliss Spa, 60D Sloane Avenue, London, SW3;  020 7590 6146

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  • Denise

    I would love to try that sometime!

  • Gina91

    Thanks! Great article

  • Gemma Carey

    The spa looks beautiful but the facial is a bit pricey – as it would be in London! Sounds like it would be a really nice treat though!

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