The 6-Step Home Detox To Do If You’re Feeling Stressed

photo: patriciamanfield



The daily grind can make it hard to manage everything, and this results in a build up of stress. When you come home, you might just be bringing it with you. If you’re finding it difficult to step away from the stress, don’t worry, do this home detox and you’ll restore peace and calm to your place!

1. Bring in a stress-free scent


Neom Organics Tranquility Candle available here.

The best thing I ever bought for my house was the Neom Organics candle, you burn it for 30 minutes and breathe in the stress-free scent. When it’s all melted you can rub the luxurious oil that’s left behind to give yourself a stress-busting facial. Buy it here.

2. Plan your life from home 

Getting Things Done planner available here.

I always like to have a planner at home to help me remember what I’ve got to do around the house. Our best-selling planner is designed to help you plan out every aspect of your life. On the left-hand side, you can write out your to-dos, while on the right you can list everything from how much water you’ve had to your meal plan and your self-care notes. Writing everything down seriously helps you block out the stress. Buy it here.

3. Create a tech-free zone 


Too many screens cause stress. If you’ve got a tv or computer in the bedroom, move them out for a bit. Shut your laptop and leave it in another room and create your cozy tech-free zone. I made a purchase of a super soft cushion and set it up in my bedroom with my favorite books nearby, encouraging myself to make a cup of tea and step away from the screen! At the moment one of the best books around is by Karin Slaughter, everyone’s raving about her new book – so get a copy and make a point of taking it to bed with you instead. Buy it here.

4. Bring the outdoors in 

If you don’t already have any houseplants, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be something else to add to your to-do list, you can buy super low maintenance plants that will improve the quality of the air around you and help reduce stress. The spider plant, for example, despite its creepy name, is the perfect house plant. When you have nice healthy plants around, the air will be fresher and will help you feel less stressed.

5. Give yourself a project

It’s Getting Haute In Here print available here.

Sometimes, if you notice something that needs changing about your home it can make you super stressed. For example, I know that there are holes in the wall we need to fix and light switch covers I want to change. If I start thinking about all the little things I want to do I will be just as stressed at home as when I arrive.

Break it up into a fun project that takes your mind off the stress, a day of painting, tending to herbs on your balcony or hanging art over those pesky holes in the walls does so much good for stress. If you’re thinking of buying fashionable wall art, Urban Outfitters has an amazing selection at the moment. Find more here.

6. Swap your colors 

If you’ve got a room full of energizing colors like reds, you might find yourself feeling stressed and overworked well into the night. There is some psychology behind colors, for example, some brands use certain colors to sell or to connote power.

Whether we like it or not, we take those assumptions with us wherever we go, so try not to bring them into the home unless you need them. Calming colors like light blue and purple will help bring serenity if you desperately need it.



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