How To Set And Achieve Any Goal You Have In Your Life

photo: Caves Collect


Can you believe that a third of 2017 is already over? We started the year so fresh-faced and eagle-eyed, ready to take on all our goals. Then, something stopped us. We got caught up in life. Here at Career Girl Daily, we know it gets hard, inconvenient, or boring to relentlessly pursue. That’s why we’re giving you the push you might need with our fool-proof formula so you can set up and achieve any goal you have!

1. Set ONE goal

 Just one. This is going to be your focus. It can be a relationship goal (romantic or friendship-based), money, health, travel or work. But pick one category and one goal. So that when you’ve completed it you will feel good about it, and then you can move onto your next goal. Step by step, don’t get bogged under – you already have too many to-do lists anyway!

2. Write it down

Pick a goal planner that will be able to track your success. You should be able to fit your goal into one sentence, and it must be tangible. Don’t say “I want to be healthy!” without defining what healthy looks like. Instead, “I want to build muscle and reduce fat” is better. You want to be able to track your goal – stop tackling it as “I want to do this, I want to do that.” Start thinking about your goal as you WILL do it.

3. Build a timeline 

How long do you want to give yourself before this goal is complete? A month? Six months? A year? Write down how much time you’ll need underneath the goal itself. But remember to be realistic. Don’t set the completion for the goal for a month if it’s going to take two. Don’t push yourself, you can’t always be Super Woman!

4. List the steps you’ll need to achieve it 

This is a list you might find you need to keep adding to, as you progress, but start simple here. What are the things you need to achieve your goal in the amount of time you’ve set? What tools, funds or resources will you need? Break it down into steps, set deadlines for this and you’ll feel yourself getting somewhere!

5. Write that sucker EVERYWHERE

Put it in your journal. Take a picture of it and make that your screensaver. Write it on a card and stick it in the plastic ID portion of your wallet.  Make it something that remains ever-present in your life, so that it doesn’t fade into the background like past goals!

6. Revisit your list 

What are things you can tick off RIGHT NOW? Not tomorrow, not at the weekend, NOW. I know, I know—it’s the evening and you’d rather just put your feet up and watch Netflix. Time waits for no one, make the first step TODAY!

7. Pair up

Find someone whose goals are in line with yours, and keep each other accountable for making your dreams a reality. If you both want to focus on your blogs, arrange for days where you sit and write together. This can make your goal fun, and also push you to keep your resolutions!

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