How To Shop Like A Minimalist: 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying


How To Shop Like A Minimalist: 10 questions to ask yourself before buying

Almost every woman has purchased an item of clothing on impulse and then gone on to wear it just once or not at all. There are a lot of reasons that pretty blouse or dress may seem like a good purchase and end up becoming something that’s shoved into the back of your closet. Do you have an inner shopaholic? If not, I envy you. If so, here are ten questions to ask yourself when you’re on the verge of an out-of-control shopping spree.

#1- Do I already own something like this?
First things first: Take a cold, hard look at your closet and see if you already own something that resembles your potential fashionable purchase.


#2- Why am I here in the first place?
Do you actually need something, or are you just looking? And if you’re just looking, what led you there in the first place?

#3- Do I need something else to go with it?
If the answer can’t already be found in your closet, you’re going to need to buy something else to make it work.


#4- Does it actually fit?

Especially when clothes are inexpensive (getting a deal!), it can be really tempting to buy something that doesn’t quite fit. After all, it’s not like you’re going to flag down one of the H&M salespeople and ask them to find that skirt in your size—if it’s not there, it’s not there.


#5- Am I going to wear this more than once?

If it’s not something you’re going to use on the regular, or if you don’t even have an actual real-life plan for the item, you’re just paying for clutter. Calculate the “cost per wear”. It forces you to think practically about your purchase

#6- Is this trend going to last?
Just because an item’s trendy right now doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. If you aren’t going to love that lace crop top in six weeks or six months—let alone six years—it’s probably not worth it.

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#7- Can I afford this?
Don’t have the cash? Then it’s not coming home with you. That kind of discipline doesn’t always come easy, but having a healthy bottom line is more important than a fashionably-clad bottom.


#8- Do I actually like this or am I just paying for the name?
As fashion lovers, it’s a given that we like labels. Nothing shameful about that—most designer things are beautiful—but if you’re buying simply for a label and the item isn’t really your taste, well, isn’t that silly?

#9- Is this item to high maintenance?
You know yourself best. When was the last time you went to the dry cleaners? More than a month ago? Skip the silk.


#10 – Is it comfortable?
If an article of clothing is too tight, too itchy, doesn’t fit right, or in any way makes us doubt ourselves when we put it on, chances are that it will go unworn…no matter how good it might look on us! Don’t ignore discomfort. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t buy it.

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  • Liz

    These are all such great points, I definitely need to consider a few of these when I shop!

    xo, Liz

  • Jess

    These are such great tips. As I get older, I find myself asking these questions more and more. I’m trying to make better decisions when it comes to adding things to my wardrobe so that I’m not stuck with the “I have nothing wear!” situation, even though my cupboard may be full! x

    Jess | It’s That Time For

  • Alice

    I should probably print this out and read it mantra-style before I enter any shop!

  • Red Reticule

    Very good points! Each time I go out to shop I look at an item whether it is going to fill a gap in my closet or just add to the crowd.
    Red Reticule

  • Abbie

    As a mininalist girl myself, these are great tips!

  • Kate

    I ask myself this questions all the time. Before I go shopping I always make a list in my head of what I really need. At the end of the day I end of with clothes I love for a long time.

    x Kate

  • Wendy

    Oh Celine how I laughed at this. Can you do a post on holding and how to break free lolz I have so much truck and nowhere to put it… actually, draws, I need more draws.

    Wendy Xx

  • Wendy

    Hoarding lolz that was meant to say, damn predictive txt Xx

  • Eva

    All the points are right but I don’t find myself agreeing so much with the last one.. Sometimes yes, a cloth might not feel super good on you but maybe it’s just because you’re not used to that certain type of cloth and that one could be a good start to launch a new style you or no one else has ever tried!

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