How to Slay Your Career When You Don’t Have a Mentor

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How many times have you been told that if you truly want to win in your career you need a mentor?

Can you imagine having someone you trust who seems to have all the answers, is extremely successful, has a wardrobe and handbag collection you can only dream about (especially since your budget is being a hater right now), has been where you are but now has this career thing all figured it and is willing to share their knowledge, connections, resources, and advice? Someone who will also help guide your career so you can reach the level of Career Girl status you have been dreaming about since you finally figured out what you want to do with your life? While mentors are not a myth, they aren’t always the reality for every career girl. But don’t worry there are still ways to win in your career even when you don’t have a mentor.

Surround Yourself with a #GirlSquad

You probably already have your #GirlSquad and don’t even realize it. What is a #GirlSquad? These are your most trusted girlfriends. These girlfriends truly want to see you win so you can always count on their support but while they would never judge you they are going to hold you accountable for your not so star worthy moments. Your #GirlSquad may not always tell you want to hear but they will always tell you what you need to hear. You can always count on them to give you advice that is real, honest, genuine, and truly comes from a place of love…after all they just want to see you win.

Follow Someone Online You Admire (Also Known As a Virtual Mentor)

Since you really don’t know her you can’t chat it up over Starbucks coffee or pick up the phone to text/call for late night advice but don’t let that discourage you, your virtual mentor has a wealth of knowledge and if you follow her closely she is going to share so many gems. The best virtual mentor is someone you admire. Maybe she has your dream job, gets to travel all over the world, works for your dream company, or has the lifestyle you lust after. The key is not to become jealous of her success (whether you know it or not she has worked to reach this level of success) but become inspired and motivated by her story. To get access to this amazing advice all you have to do is subscribe to her blog/website, follow her social media accounts, listen to her podcasts. When she speaks you may want to listen closely and take notes. You know what makes this advice even better? Since it is online you always have unlimited access.

Trust Yourself (Be Your Own Mentor)

Let’s be real here. This is your dream and your career. While it is great having people in your corner who want to not only what to see you succeed but help you get there the truth is you are responsible for your career. Success or failure ultimately lies with you. So it is important that you trust yourself. Remind yourself of how smart, talented, and committed you are so when it comes to navigating your career you may not have all the answers, but you have everything you need (inside of you) to make it happen and what you don’t know you will figure out along the way. Anyone else who wants to join the team is a bonus. I will share a secret with you, when you are willing to invest and bet on yourself it sparks interest from others.

So always be willing to take a chance on you and watch others want to quickly join your support team.

Written by Brandi Mishonna Henderson.

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