5 Sleep Tips That Will Make You More Productive

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After a long day in the office, most of us look forward to some relaxation indoors, while also keeping in mind that tomorrow is a new day! One crucial way to properly prepare for the next day is to sleep. It allows your body to rest,  rejuvenate, mentally and physically, preparing you well for the upcoming day.

Still, there are a couple of bits we can improve to help make our next day productive and energized while we sleep! Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

1. Switch out your mattress

Everyone has a certain comfort level when it comes to what to sleep on. For the most part, many of us range in the comfort of sleeping on a mattress that allows for us to stay afloat and relaxed. Opting for a mattress that is too soft or too firm may sound appealing, but it causes a lot of pain when waking up. Studies show that sleeping on a medium-to-firm mattress will not only assist our bodies to be well rested. But it also stimulates our bodies to be more productive and functional for the next day.

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2. Have a light dinner

We’ve all had the strangest cravings right before bed. From time to time, it’s okay to give into something light, just to stop that itch. A light protein-based snack can help balance blood sugar levels, which in turn provides a great boost for productivity. A couple of almonds or sometimes even a bite-sized spoon of almond butter is able to do just the trick! But nothing too heavy or over the top! Or you can even try making yourself something with these herbs that aid sleep. 

3. Elevate your pillows

For as long as I could remember, my bed has been flooded with pillows! But the trick is not to have a ton of them lying on your mattress. It’s to have the right type of pillow. Similar to having a mattress, it does no good to lay your head on a flimsy pillow that’s way too soft. Instead, reach for a pillow that elevates your head to the level of your body when you lay on your mattress. It helps regulate blood flow and relaxes your mind, helping you sleep better and mentally preparing you for the next day.

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4. Change your room temperature

Some of us enjoy sleeping in heat and others prefer the cold. The truth is, if we adjust the temperature of our rooms to the warmth we feel comfortable in, we are prone to sleep more peaceful in the night. However, studies say a range between 60 to 75-degree Fahrenheit works best to assist in our sleep. Thus, increasing our comfort levels and stimulates our bodies for an effective next-day!

5. Banish cold feet

I remember as a kid not being able to fall asleep without covering my feet! And it makes sense. But, studies show that covering your feet as you sleep makes you feel more secure before dozing off. Some people like to wear socks, and others like to make sure their blankets are tucked around their toes! In the end, having warm feet will promote you to sleep swiftly throughout the night and will promote productivity for the next day!

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you to get a full night’s rest, ready to take on the world. Go on, give sleeping beauty a run for her money!


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  • Victoria

    Definitely agree with the socks tip. I cannot sleep without socks or covering my feet with a blanket because I’ve always feared monsters (or murderers) will grab my feet while I’m sleeping. It sounds hilarious when I say it out loud but at night, it all feels very real.