How To Do A Social Media Detox In 2 Easy Steps


Sometimes, a social media detox is just what you need. We live in a digital age. There is no way around that. Especially when working from home, the majority of our interactions come from social media. While we can connect with friends at the click of a button, and network with like-minded individuals who are just a few clicks away, social media can often feel like a double-edged sword. 

Notifications and the constant bombardment of images and Twitter chains of people living their best lives can often leave you feeling exhausted and unable to break free of its clutches to get some headspace. All of this even without mentioning the stream of negativity social media makes us susceptible to.

Although it’s intention is to aid social interaction, the never-ending nature of it can result in feelings of isolation and pressure to conform to the next viral trend.

Here are some simple tips to prevent social media from dictating your life:

1. Reworking your settings

Social media apps request permission to send you notifications, you can limit the extent to which you would like to see and hear from certain apps. Notifications of messages often make us feel pressured to respond promptly. Although fast responses may be beneficial at times, the majority of interactions do not require instant reactions. Limit your notifications to those who deserve your uncensored time. 

Many apps now present our activity status, by turning this off, we reserve our right to reply in time suitable to us and reclaim our narrative.

Moreover, by turning your phone to do not disturb, aside from a few favorite contacts you ensure that the time put aside for yourself remains solely for you.

Monitor your screen time to review which apps you spend the most time on and set yourself limits suitable to your personal requirements. This is the key to doing a social media detox! 


2. Reworking your mindset

Letting social media rule your life is a choice. Be it, conscious or unconscious. Apps like Instagram and TikTok use influencers to enforce the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. CGD is here to help you rewire your outlook to reclaim your confidence away from social media.

Practice body positivity by reminding yourself of your personal worth. Attempt to find at least 3 things you enjoy about your appearance each day. This simple practice will help you program your brain to see the good in yourself so you are less likely to compare yourself to the often unrealistic and edited beauty standards depicted on social media! I personally love using the Gratitude Journal to log daily positivities. This helps me to focus on the positives and have a better outlook on every single day.

Practice living in the moment – Many of us feel the pressure to visit and be seen completing activities because they are popularised by influencers. Visit beautiful places and truly take them in. Although photos are important for memories, your time is better spent living in the present than spending precious moments perfecting poses for your personal Instagram. Memories will always be more important than likes and follows!

Social media does not control you!


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