How To Spend An Amazing And Affordable Weekend In Berlin

When the CGD team decided to spend a weekend in Berlin I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only thing I could think of was: ‘please let there be air conditioning in our hotel’. While checking the weather on my phone I saw the predictions. It was going to be 37 degrees that weekend!

Berlin is a city full of possibilities. You can choose to go club hopping or have a relaxing weekend of pampering and 5-star indulgence. Well, as a busy Career Girl sometimes you need a relaxing weekend so that’s what we did! Fun fact, Berlin is one of the most affordable cities in Europe. We were amazed by how affordable everything was (we Londoners are used to overpriced stuff). So if you like something budget friendly. Berlin is the place to be!

After a comfortable 2 hour flight. We arrived in Berlin and it was HOT! We decided to take public transportation to our hotel and it was amazing! The Grand Hyatt is one of Berlin’s leading luxury hotels! We checked in and had an amazing weekend of pampering and relaxation!
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1. Ahh, what to wear! I have no clothes….
2. There we go off on the plane to Berlin
3. Just how we like to end an extremely hot day in Berlin, with a delicious COLD cocktail! We love mojitos!
4. Ahh, this is life!

The Grand Hyatt Berlin Review

From the exterior, The Grand Hyatt appears as a luxurious modern building that sits snugly between other large grey buildings. Looking out from the room suite you have beautiful views of Marlene Dietrich Platz and the theatre or of the Tiergarten Park and the Berlin Philharmonic Hall. The Women in Town package at The Grand Hyatt is a luxurious weekend in the heart of Berlin, perfect for career girls! With a quick facial in the morning and an amazing spa above the rooftops of Berlin.

The Suite

The location is one thing, the luxurious lobby another, the service completely unparalleled, but the rooms and suites are an oasis within an oasis. With a beautiful room upgrade, we found ourselves on the top floor overlooking Marlene Dietrich Platz. Once inside, we were blown away be the sheer attention to detail – lavish would have to be an understatement. From the luxurious marble and cherry wood bathroom with tub, rain showers and flat screen. Daily complimentary fruit and bottled water everything was possible.


The hotel offers The women in Town Package with champagne, a 30 minute facial and late checkout on Sunday until 6:00 p.m.

The level of service at The Grand Hyatt is excellent, it really made our time in Berlin amazing and we know you’ll enjoy outstanding service and have the best possible experience for your time in Berlin if you book here too!

Book This Hotel If…

You’re looking for a great getaway with your girlfriends or you’re on business visit and need some comfort. The pros far outweigh any cons when it comes to this well-polished, ‘thought of everything’ hotel. It has the grandeur of a lavish 5 star hotel with the intimacy of a small boutique property, so all in all it has hit the right spots with CGD and has very few flaws. Perhaps the most noticeable of these would the pool closing at 23.00. But overall, The Grand Hyatt is the perfect choice.

Price: One bedroom suites start at $300 per night.

A warm thanks to the Grand Hyatt Berlin for welcoming the CGD team as guests of the hotel!

  • Sarah Laurence

    Looks great! I can’t wait to visit Berlin next year.

    What was your favourite part?

  • Lee D

    I just visited Germany last month and I love Berlin’s ambiance. Can’t wait to profile this avante-garde, youthful city on my travel blog real soon.

  • Kathrin

    I’m glad you like my hometown! Berlin is agreat city and way, way, way cheaper than London…

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