The 7 Hour Rule You Need To Follow If You Want To Be Successful



It should be no news to you that you should really be spending your free-time learning.

And we know how hard you work, so when you finally do get some time to yourself all you want to do is relax and unwind.

But, with the end goal in mind, you need to do a lot more in order not only to be the best but be successful.

Because success can be yours – but it’s not going to appear on your doorstep one day out of the blue. Instead, this is what you should be doing in order to always be one step ahead:


The 7-Hour Rule:


I actually learned this trick back in my teenage years. My teacher was talking to us about the importance of going home and spending one hour an evening learning. At the time, I laughed. But now, I take it a lot more seriously.

The idea is to spend one hour every day furthering your knowledge or learning a new skill. We all know how fast an hour goes, so it really wouldn’t hurt to give it a go, especially when it can have so many positives.

If you think about it, no one ever said that they wasted time on learning. So, if your excuse is that you haven’t got the time, our reply would be to make the time.


Why You Should Devote 1 Hour a Day, Every Day… 


Committing yourself to lifelong learning is essential for getting ahead, especially in your career and your life. Take an example from celebrities like Emma Watson, who commits her free time to ever increasing her knowledge.

Even Warren Buffett dedicates 80% of his time to always improving and reading to further his knowledge. But why is it important?

You’re investing in yourself: by taking the time to further your knowledge you’re actually choosing to invest in yourself and putting yourself first, which can only mean good things.

It makes you more employable: Employers love people who go the extra mile, and by showing that you spend time every day improving and building your skills means you’re serious about your career.

You’ll stand out from the rest: There are a lot of people out there, and they are your competition. And most of them will be doing this already. So, in a world that’s really polluted with people going after their success you need to stand out.

Your confidence will increase: By mastering new skills and learning new things you’ll begin to feel like a boss. And that’s a good thing. You’ll be proud and confident with what you’ve accomplished. Because wouldn’t you rather be the person who knows, rather than the person who doesn’t.


Why Not Try And Learn:


Learn to code: Coding is the new big thing and it can earn you some serious money. It may look hard, but it’s as simple as just learning a new language and you’ll be surprised how easy it sticks. Plus it will really help you take your website design to the next level.

Have you tried website design? Website design is everything. It will determine if your customers trust you and want to buy from you, or if you’re a blog if your reader will connect to your page or not. It’s not as simple as just designing something you like because it’s not for you!

Create a winning Facebook Ad: Facebook is amazing for attracting and targeting the right consumers and bringing them to your shop. And with new algorithms that connect the shopper and the buyer together like never before, there’s no way you can go on without knowing how to take advantage of it!

How to increase your newsletter open rate: Keeping your audience and customers connected and interested in your brand is a hard thing to do. But you can keep bringing them back with newsletters. But you have to learn how to get them to open it first, and then to click.

Attract more visitors to your blog: The sky is the limit, and the goal is to keep increasing your audience so you can be a multi-national recognized brand. And more readers can eventually translate into more customers – so you need to get wise about this!


We use resources like Skillshare and Hubspot and to learn new things and to gain new insights into how we can take it to the next level. We would definitely recommend giving them a go!

The options are endless, why not try making a list yourself that you can tick off every time you’ve learned something new, you’ll be surprised at the end of it how much you actually know



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