How To Start A Running Routine



The word ‘running’ instills me with fear. I get flashbacks of P.E at school, running in the freezing cold with purple hands and burning lungs. But if you start your routine correctly it can be a great way to get fit, listen to some great tunes and have some alone time. Here are some tips on how to start a running routine this year. 




Map your run!

Plan ahead the route that you’re going to run (or walk) and make sure you let people know where you’re heading, just in case you get too tired to make your way back! Use Map My Run to find good running routes in your area and get prepared to head out!


Invest in equipment!

The most important thing is to make sure you’ve got good quality trainers, the last thing you want is blisters on your feet on the first run!

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Start off slowly!

You’re only ready if you’ve been doing at least half an hour of exercise four days a week, and have built up a good walking routine. If you feel that you’re fit enough to start running, begin with a gentle walk that breaks into a run, use Couch to 5K to help you keep to a routine and make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.

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Don’t ignore the pain!

Let your body give you hints on how you’re doing, cramps are fine but any shooting pains shouldn’t be ignored.

Above all have fun, don’t push yourself too hard and be patient when you’re waiting for results. Running is a good way to build up strength and tone up, but it’ll take time and dedication. The best way to achieve your goals is to make a routine and stick to it, ignore the excuses and get out there!