Chiara Ferragni’s Secret To A Successful Fashion Blog

how to start a successful fashion blog
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The Blonde Salad blog is a true success story. Chiara Ferragni doesn’t just have a well-known brand, she’s also got her name on products and most of her social numbers are in the millions. So how do you start a successful fashion blog?

She started it all in 2009 with no idea what it could become. Back then, her blog was just to showcase her style, with some personal stories mixed in, now we all know her as a brand, a powerhouse of blogging. So what’s her secret?

It all started with an investment of $10

She started early, with the help of her then boyfriend, solely to post photos of her outfits. It started off as a simple blog with an investment of $10. She was one of the first fashion bloggers that saw the importance of growing a loyal following. She blogged in English, despite living in Italy, and tapped into a niche which helped her eventually get partnerships with brands.

Meanwhile, she was working towards an International Law degree. She was four years into studying it and just three exams away from completing it when she decided to get serious about her blog, stop what she was doing at University and focus solely on The Blonde Salad.

She never underestimated her blog

One thing you notice about Chiara, although she started the blog as a hobby project and has often called it a ‘little home’ for her style and thoughts, she never undermined it. She never once thought it was just a silly fad, she never gave up and she never lost the love she had for it.

“I could have been like so many other bloggers or ‘influencers’ who just have their agent and are more like celebrities, but I’ve never wanted it to be only like that,” she says. “Of course, I still want that part in my life but I also wanted to create a brand.”

Even Harvard did a case study about Chiara’s success, finding that the secret to her massive potential is in how she treated it and how she always planned for growth.

She turned down anything that didn’t fit with her branding

In the early months of The Blonde Salad lots of brands popped up wanting to do collaborations. They were willing to pay, but Chiara and her business partner (and boyfriend at the time) decided that if they wanted to work in fashion and take it seriously, they had to wait and only accept things that fit with their branding.

Because they took the blog so seriously, they both decided that they had to spend money to make money and therefore didn’t accept anything just for the money. They also paid for all the Fashion Week travel costs themselves, too. Their branding attracted the luxury brands pretty soon thereafter, and being careful with what they accepted paid off.

The secret to her success is in her strategy

According to Harvard, the strategic way she made a profit, using sites like Rewardstyle, and the way she thought about design and sales is what made her successful. Initially, her thinking helped to grow The Blonde Salad’s following, but now she’s constantly using strategies to grow that success.

With a shoe line, events, multiple income streams and a predicted income of around 10 million euros this year, she definitely took her blog seriously and constantly analyzed. If something wasn’t working, she changed it. And she constantly used the resources she had to improve and grow it

“There is a time for everything, you need to be patient and never force timings. However at the same time it is important to be perseverant and ambitious in seeking your own projects and goals,” she said.

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