The Secret Strategies All Successful Bloggers And Brands Use


What do all the most successful online business have in common? From bloggers and brands to online entrepreneurs, what sets them apart is the strategies they use to take their business to the next level. They analyze their performance, work on their search engine strategies and know what design, branding, and photos will be popular.

Most of the time, the tools and strategies they use are well-kept secrets, but at The Career Girl Academy on Saturday 6th May, you’ll finally learn them all.

Chloé Watts, the founder of chloédigital, works with some of the biggest fashion bloggers around, from Gal Meets Glam to Coco’s Tea Party. She knows all the secret strategies you need to take your blog or business to the next level, through her talk you’ll get exclusive access to them all and be able to start using them straight away.

So what are those strategies?

1. How to brand your online business

Everything from the photographs you choose to accompany a blog post to the color scheme you use on a webshop speaks to a potential audience. Branding is super important, whether you’re a blogger, digital influencer, online entrepreneur or a YouTuber. You need to get yours right. Chloé’s company works with the biggest bloggers to ensure their web design is on-point and sends the right messages. She’ll be telling you what the biggest bloggers have in common, and the secret formula to use when you’re designing your own website.

2. How to be found easier and get more followers

The biggest websites, blogs, and brands appear in at least page one of search results. But how? Clever SEO strategies will make sure you are up there too. It’s not just about finding great keywords, Chloé knows all the shortcuts that’ll save you time but give you big results. Getting your SEO right will have immediate results, and Chloé will share the secrets to getting to page one.

3. The secret tools you need to be successful online

To be successful, you need to analyze. Chloé’s list of tools and tips she uses to analyze the big blogs she works with have been under lock and key – until now. She’ll be sharing what you need to look for when you’re analyzing your performance, how to hit every goal you set for yourself fast, and all the secret tools you need to use to get more followers, customers, readers or fans!

So, ready to make this year your year? This jam-packed day is one you really don’t want to miss. With talks, classes, networking lunch, pink cocktails, a free copy of The Ultimate Blog Plan eBook and a goodie bag worth over £100. Hurry, tickets are selling out fast, so get yours here!

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