The 20-20 Rule That Will Help You Stay Focused All Day

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Staying focused can be one of the hardest things to do, especially when the coffee starts to become counter-productive. You have to push yourself because you’re the only person who can do it! The workload is only going to get bigger. So after typing the assignment title, don’t reward yourself by heading over to Instagram or having a little nap. Your co-worker’s neighbor’s friend can wait – stay focused and get the job done.

Trust us, we’ve been there, sitting at a screen all day can be full of dangerous distractions. But these hacks can help to keep you focused all day long, and save you from your own procrastination. So, put that second cup of coffee down and try this oh-so-simple 20-20 rule that will help you remain focused all day!

The 20-20 Rule

We spend a huge chunk of our days glued to our phone and laptop screens, and it can be hard to avoid the fatigue that comes with it. The rule is simple: Every 20-minutes, take a 20-second break and focus on something at least 20-feet away. Think of it as resetting your eyes and retuning your brain.

If you know your eyes will be given a rest soon you will be more likely to focus steadily for the 20-minute bursts. When the 20-minutes are up, focus your eyes on something that makes for a welcome distraction. Perhaps people watch if you’re in a coffee shop, or take a moment to study any wall art or framed quotes (if like me, you have too many in your home!).

Tip: Try to blink more during these breaks. We tend to blink less when we are focusing on work (who knew?) and so by upping our blinking every 20 minutes we can moisten and refresh our eyes, which will help keep them alert and sharp.

Leave your desk

Eye strain is not the only thing you have to worry about, sitting in a chair all day may seem like heaven, but it does no justice for your back. It’s important to break your day up, by getting up, stretching and stepping away from the screen. You will also find that this makes you feel more energized when you return to tackle the desk. To avoid back and shoulder strain, try to get up from your computer and perhaps close your eyes for a short while too. Remember, adjusting your screen to the optimum brightness as well as font size and contrast can also help fight fatigue and eye-strain. You’ll find yourself getting your work done ahead of schedule despite the regular breaks, promise.


What keeps you focused? 

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