5 Easy Tips To Help You Stay On A Budget

how to stay on a budget
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Living on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean going without. Actually, cutting unnecessary spending can leave you free to enjoy life without wondering what the bank manager might say!

You might be saving for a big event or to go traveling, or maybe you just want to be a bit savvier with your salary, but don’t fret. You can still enjoy life! Here are some tips for living your best life on a tight budget!

1. Frugal food

As fun as it is to get a bit fancy in the kitchen, fill your pantry with some thrifty staples and you’ll eat like royalty. Eating fresh food that’s in season, buying staples from fruit and vegetable markets and being smart about which brand names you save on and which you splurge on can help you get more for your money. Another tip is to try haggling with market stall owners, you can buy in bulk and negotiate the price down a little bit.


2. B.Y.O.Lunch

Meal prep is an important part of staying on budget. There are a couple of meal prepping techniques that will change your life. You don’t have to take a stale sandwich to the office every day, all you need to do is batch cook your meals on a Sunday.

We swear by a Veggetti. It’ll help you prep your raw vegetables in advance and save you money and time! Store your vegetables in containers or plastic bags for 2-5 days, you can even freeze them! Check out our guide to meal prepping here.

3. Second Hand Style

Fashion is over quickly, style is forever – Ralph Lauren

As lovely as it would be to have a brand-new closet for each season, this is a reality that isn’t available to most of us. The good news is you don’t need the entirety of last season’s catwalk to maximize your style potential; you don’t even need that much money. Stores like Vestiaire Collective will help you supply your wardrobe with stylish staples that will transition season to season and one of a kind accessories. You’ll be getting designer items for less. Shop in thrift stores to supply your wardrobe with stylish staples that can transition season to season and pick up one of a kind accessories that highlight your unique style identity. Not only will you rock a look that is all your own, you’ll be contributing to charity and creating less waste. Win – win.

You can also check out your local thrift stores and charity shops if you want to look stylish for less. You can often get staples like velvet skirts and leather jackets for so much less! Not only will you rock a look that is all your own, you’ll be contributing to charity and creating less waste. Win – win.

4. Free Fitness

Chic gyms with all the spa facilities are dreamy, there’s no denying it. But when you’re reviewing your monthly budget do you cringe at your gym fees? Time to take it outside. Combine your workout with time in nature to maximize the benefits of each. Lace up your trainers for a walk/jog/run around the park, look up local free fitness groups and boot camps, local parks will usually list them on notice boards or online.

5. Live The Life That Feels Right

Don’t let your budget define you. Invest in yourself if that is what feels right but don’t forget that you are already enough without piles of material goods and fancy cosmetics. Try scaling back and you may find yourself living your best life budget or no budget.


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